Apr 7 – 10, 2019
Imperial College London
Europe/London timezone

Measurement of the CP violation parameter AΓ at LHCb with D⁰→π-π+π-π+ decays.

Apr 10, 2019, 11:00 AM
Huxley 308 (Imperial College London)

Huxley 308

Imperial College London


Lauren Marie Douglas (University of Glasgow (GB))


CP violation in the charm sector is predicted to be very small by the Standard Model and so precise measurements represent a low background environment for new physics searches. A sensitive probe is the parameter AΓ which measures time-dependent CP violation and has previously been measured with the LHCb detector in two-body D0 meson decays. D0 neutral mesons are the only ones where oscillations of an up-type quark can occur, and are sensitive to possible contributions to CP violation through mixing loops. At LHCb the cross section for charm production is very high allowing unprecedented numbers of D0 decays to be recorded.
I will present prospects of CP violation measurements in the charm sector and, using data collected by the LHCb detector at run I and run II of the LHC, a blinded preliminary result extending AΓ to four-body modes will be presented utilising the D0→K-π+π-π+ decay as a control channel.

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