Supernova Neutrinos in the Multi-Messenger Era, SNEWS 2.0

from Friday, June 14, 2019 (6:15 AM) to Monday, June 17, 2019 (5:00 PM)
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Jun 14, 2019
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Jun 17, 2019
6:15 AM --- Bus Pickup for SNOLAB tour ---
7:00 AM --- SNOLAB Underground Tour ---
7:30 AM --- Coffee Break / Registration ---
8:00 AM
Invited talks I - Stanley Yen (TRIUMF) (until 10:30 AM) (A226)
8:00 AM Welcome - Clarence Virtue (Laurentian University)   (A226)
8:05 AM SNEWS 1.0, Workshop Goals - Alec Habig (University of Minnesota, Duluth)   (A226)
8:30 AM Core-Collapse Supernova Models - Evan O'Connor   (A226)
9:00 AM Supernova Neutrino Theory - Gail McLaughlin   (A226)
9:30 AM Supernova Neutrino Detection - Masayuki Nakahata (ICRR, Univ. of Tokyo)   (A226)
10:00 AM Science from a Prompt Multimessenger Alert - David Kaplan (UW-Milwaukee)   (A226)
10:30 AM --- Coffee Break ---
11:00 AM
Contributed talk I - Nigel Smith (SNOLab) (until 11:20 AM) (A226)
11:00 AM Neutrino Bursts from Type Ia and Pair-Instability Supernovae - James Kneller (NC State University)   (A226)
11:20 AM
Panel I: Presupernova and Pointing Strategies - Lindley Winslow (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) (until 12:30 PM) (A226)
11:20 AM Panel I - Koji Ishidoshiro (Tohoku University) Xunjie Xu Vincent Fischer (University of California at Davis) Volodymyr Takhistov (UCLA) Alexis Coleiro (Université Paris Diderot) Lindley Winslow (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)   (A226)
8:00 AM --- Coffee Break ---
8:30 AM
Invited talks II -Prof. Donglian Xu (Tsung-Dao Lee Institute, Shanghai Jiao Tong University) (until 10:00 AM) (A226)
8:30 AM Multimessenger Observing Strategies - Mansi Kasliwal   (A226)
9:00 AM Presupernova Neutrinos - Chinami Kato   (A226)
9:30 AM Pointing to a Supernova with Neutrinos - Kate Scholberg (Duke University)   (A226)
10:00 AM
Contributed talks IV - Barry Pointon (until 10:30 AM) (A226)
10:00 AM Pre-Supernova Neutrinos in Direct Detection Experiments - Volodymyr Takhistov (UCLA)   (A226)
10:15 AM HALO-1kT - Stanley Yen (TRIUMF)   (A226)
10:30 AM --- Coffee Break ---
11:00 AM
Contributed talk V - Barry Pointon (until 11:20 AM) (A226)
11:00 AM Offline performance studies of Core Collapse Supernova neutrino detection with the KM3NeT neutrino telescopes - Marta Colomer Molla (APC/IFIC)   (A226)
11:20 AM
Panel III: Supernova Neutrino Theory and Multimessenger Science - Bronson Messer (until 12:30 PM) (A226)
11:20 AM Panel III - James Kneller (NC State University) Huaiyu Duan MacKenzie Warren Kohta Murase (Penn State University) Bronson Messer   (A226)
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6:30 AM --- SNOLAB Underground Tour ---
6:00 PM
Poster session and welcome dinner reception (until 9:00 PM) (Alumni Hall)
6:00 PM A Supernova Calibration Source for SNO+ - Janet Rumleskie (Laurentian University)   (Alumni Hall)
6:00 PM Deep underwater particle searches in the Hades. - Mr Aliwen Delgado (PUC)   (Alumni Hall)
6:00 PM Graphite Reflector in HALO- 1kT - Divya Patel (University of Regina)   (Alumni Hall)
6:00 PM LIGO, Virgo, KAGRA and Beyond: The Future of Ground-Based Gravitational Wave Observatories - Peter Shawhan (University of Maryland)   (Alumni Hall)
6:00 PM Multi-messenger triggers with the Jiangmen Underground Neutrino Observatory - Prof. Donglian Xu (Tsung-Dao Lee Institute, Shanghai Jiao Tong University)   (Alumni Hall)
6:00 PM NOvA as a Supernova Neutrino Observatory: Status and Prospects - Justin Vasel (Indiana University Bloomington)   (Alumni Hall)
6:00 PM Observation of Supernova Neutrino Bursts via CEvNS - Adryanna Smith (Duke University)   (Alumni Hall)
6:00 PM Pre-supernova neutrino monitor at KamLAND - Koji Ishidoshiro (Tohoku University)   (Alumni Hall)
6:00 PM PREDICTIONS OF THE ONSET OF MINI ICE AGE IN THE 25TH SOLAR CYCLE - Prof. Rajiv Kumar (Government OFK College Jabalpur)   (Alumni Hall)
6:00 PM Real-time detection of Supernova Neutrinos in XENONnT - Mr Ricardo Peres (University of Zurich)   (Alumni Hall)
6:00 PM Supernova Neutrinos with nEXO - Mr Soud Al Kharusi (McGill University)   (Alumni Hall)
6:00 PM The joint search for gravitational wave and low energy neutrino signals from core-collapse supernovae. Current status and future plans. - Maxim Gromov (SINP MSU, JINR)   (Alumni Hall)
12:30 PM --- Lunch ---
1:30 PM
Contributed talks II - Nigel Smith (SNOLab) (until 2:30 PM) (A226)
1:30 PM Borexino Supernova Alarm System 2.0 - Dr Maxim Gromov (SINP MSU, JINR)   (A226)
1:50 PM Correlated multi-messenger signals from the landscape of core-collapse supernovae - MacKenzie Warren (Michigan State University)   (A226)
2:10 PM Supernova triggering and signals combination for the NOvA detectors - Andrey Sheshukov (JINR)   (A226)
2:30 PM
Panel II: Supernova Neutrino Early Alert Parameters - Rafael Lang (until 3:30 PM) (A226)
2:30 PM Panel II - Clarence Virtue (Laurentian University) Justin Vasel (Indiana University Bloomington) Rafael Lang Prof. Masayuki Nakahata (Kamioka Observatory, ICRR, Univ. of Tokyo) Liangjian Wen Segev BenZvi   (A226)
3:30 PM --- Coffee Break ---
4:00 PM
Contributed talks III - Christine Kraus (until 5:40 PM) (A226)
4:00 PM SuperNova Detection through CEvNS - Rafael Lang (Purdue University)   (A226)
4:20 PM Supernova Neutrino Observation in the JUNO Experiment - Dr Huiling Li (Institute of High Energy Physics)   (A226)
4:40 PM Supernova Pointing Resolution of DUNE - AJ Roeth (Duke University)   (A226)
5:00 PM IceCube Supernova Detection and Contributions to SNEWS 2.0 - Spencer Griswold (University of Rochester)   (A226)
5:20 PM Neutrino astronomy with supernova neutrinos - Dr Xunjie XU (Max-Planck-Institut für Kernphysik)   (A226)
6:00 PM
Dinner at Science North (until 8:30 PM) (Vale Cavern)
12:30 PM --- Lunch ---
1:30 PM
Contributed talks VI - Matthew Geske (until 2:30 PM) (A226)
1:30 PM High-Energy Neutrinos from Supernovae - Prof. Kohta Murase (Penn State University)   (A226)
1:50 PM Supernova Early Warning in the Daya Bay Reactor Neutrino Experiment - Zhe Wang (Tsinghua University)   (A226)
2:10 PM First real-time results and CCSN alert triggering with the KM3NeT neutrino telescopes - Massimiliano Lincetto (IN2P3/CPPM, Marseille)   (A226)
2:30 PM
Panel IV: Multimessenger Alert and Observing Strategies - Danny Milisavljevic (until 3:30 PM) (A226)
2:30 PM Panel IV - Erik Katsavounidis Danny Milisavljevic Peter Shawhan Mansi Kasliwal Alec Habig   (A226)
3:30 PM --- Coffee Break ---
4:00 PM
Contributed talks VII - Matthew Geske (until 4:20 PM) (A226)
4:00 PM MicroBooNE as a supernova neutrino detector: using the SNEWS alert as delayed trigger - José I. Crespo-Anadón (Columbia University Nevis Laboratories)   (A226)
4:20 PM
Workshop Summary (until 4:50 PM) (A226)
4:20 PM Workshop Summary - Ed Kearns (Boston University) Edward Kearns (Boston University)   (A226)
4:50 PM
White Paper Discussion - Erik Katsavounidis Danny Milisavljevic Clarence Virtue (Laurentian University) Alec Habig Kate Scholberg (Duke University) Rafael Lang (until 5:50 PM) (A226)
6:00 PM --- Closeout Dinner ---