2-6 December 2019
Centro Cultural, Universidad del Atlántico
America/Bogota timezone

Higgs bosons production in the THDM-III at the LHC (Cancelled)

Not scheduled
Teatrino 1 (Centro Cultural, Universidad del Atlántico)

Teatrino 1

Centro Cultural, Universidad del Atlántico

Universidad del Atlántico Carrera 30 No. 8-49 Puerto Colombia, Atlántico


Víctor Manuel López Guerrero (BUAP)


In this work we study different channels to produce Higgs bosons (charged and neutral) in Deep Inelastic Scattering (DIS) at energies reached on the LHC (14 TeV), all of that in the Two Higgs Doublet Model type-III (2HDM-III). We take into account for all the calculations that the 2HDM-III allows flavor changed couplings in the Yukawa sector at the tree level . We compute the hadronic cross section for the direct production processes of the charged and neutral Higgs bosons. Finally, we compare our results against the results reported by the ATLAS and CMS experiments.

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