2-6 December 2019
Centro Cultural, Universidad del Atlántico
America/Bogota timezone

Overspinning process in Kerr black holes

3 Dec 2019, 15:20
Teatrino 1 (Centro Cultural, Universidad del Atlántico)

Teatrino 1

Centro Cultural, Universidad del Atlántico

Universidad del Atlántico Carrera 30 No. 8-49 Puerto Colombia, Atlántico


Ivan Vasquez (Universidad del Atlántico)


It is shown that extremal and near-extremal Kerr black holes cannot be destroyed and obtain a naked singularity, in absorption processes where matter satisfies the null energy condition along the generators. This results rely on the calculation of second order corrections to the final mass of the black hole, in agreement with the weak cosmic censorship conjecture.

Primary author

Ivan Vasquez (Universidad del Atlántico)

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