The FAST project

40/R-B10 (CERN)



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The Faster Analysis Software Taskforce (FAST) is a small group of UK-based researchers that have been investigating and developing ways we can use modern software approaches to improve HEP analyses.  We present here the two primary areas that we have been working on  Firstly, creating tabulated and binned summaries of event-level data (an attempt to say “making histograms from ROOT Trees” in non-HEP-speak) as an evolution of the work shown at CHEP 2018 now using uproot and awkward arrays.  Secondly we will describe a package to help automate the validation of simulation and analysis results from within a CI pipeline.  These two new packages are not just proof-of-principles but are currently being used in CMS analyses and the LUX-ZEPLIN experiment.

Recorded Meeting Video: