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Beatrice Mandelli (CERN), Frederic Merlet (CERN)

GAS M&O meeting 11 March 2019

Present: Beatrice, Fred, Patrick, Andrea, Michal, Roberto, LPh, Kacper, Luca


ALICE #1726

  • Preparing pipes for the TPC clean room —> to do this week or max the next
  • MTR: test still on-going. 
  • HMPID: safety valve mixer changed
  • MTR back-up: it has to be Freon —> LPh to check
  • MTR back-up is done with pressure reducer+rotameter: to check pressure when it opens 


ATLAS #1728

  • Starting some mechanics for RPC distribution racks 
  • Flowcell for new RPC racks —> Kacper to give the flow necessary —> to decide if 3 or 5 mm
  • ID flushing maintenance in w12/13


CMS #1724

  • RPC and GEM distribution racks almost completed —> negative side to send by end of the week
  • RPC distribution flowcell: verification cable and resistance for the rack in the workshop: file excel in Gas_Group/DistributionRack prepared by Patrick
  • Dummy chamber: to add the new flowcell to each manifold —> to start with racks in the surface —> Andrea to coordinate with Patrick
  • No quick on the manifold —> leak test postponed when the quick will arrive (so it will be done in the cavern)
  • Electrical chassis will be added at the end of the installation in the cavern
  • GEM pre-distribution and pump module in place —> missing pipes and cabling
  • Dummy chamber —> Beatrice too check with RPC people
  • DT ELMB reading card problem: no reading of the flow since 22th Jan (email from Daniel). DT ELMS Status: red square due to PowerSupply new logic —> it will be changed with new software
  • Valve island/pneumatic pipes —> need to stop RPC system for 2 weeks —> to coordinate with some standard maintenance 


LHCb #1727

  • RICH1 buffer ready —> waiting to have access in the cavern (priority to dismount detectors)
  • RICH2 batteries test —> done at 200 bar (valide for 140 bar)
  • RICH2 old compressor: asked to disconnect water and then dismount it —> this week
  • RICH2 compressor: to decide the way to recuperate gas —> Beatrice/Patrick to discuss
  • GEM stopped
  • SciFi: trolley ready, cabling done, leak test done. Missing software —> Michal this week
  • MWPC rack 64 there is a problem in the distribution rack: since mid January there were 200 l/h less —> Patrick to investigate with LHCb people



  • Nothing to report



  • Kacper to present the list of Krohne for Exhaust to check what we really need to change
  • Back-up with TESCOM —> to check where we have them in the back-up systems
  • Red pneumatic valves: several types of leaks and not spare pieces available on the market —> move to Swagelok when we need to change
  • Pressure sensor on filter for pump —> Kacper/Andrea to see. Two options: replace with the new inox (large surface) or keep the glass one



  • Elog for CMS RPC PLC #1712
  • Profibus card: delay of maximum 3 weeks. In the meanwhile we use some cards from Marc
  • MCH PLC replacement/software: done but some bugs to fix
  • Next systems to do: CPV and TOTEM + debugging
  • 301 and 303 (on the mixer) are not supported for new WAGO  and there is problem with new software —> need to change —> Patrick
  • Excel file about CMS RPC distribution pressure sensor done by Patrick:  Gas_Group/CapteurDePression/2019 —> Beatrice/Patrick to check
There are minutes attached to this event. Show them.
    • 09:00 09:10
      Summary on first PLC replacement and crash of CMS RPC PLC 10m
      Speaker: Michal Zbigniew Zimny (CERN)
    • 09:10 09:15
      Piquet interventions 5m

      Speakers: Andrea D'Auria (CERN), Beatrice Mandelli (CERN), Frederic Merlet (CERN), Louis-Philippe De Menezes (CERN), Patrick Carrie (CERN), Kacper Jerzy Kapusniak (CERN), Michal Zbigniew Zimny (CERN)
    • 09:15 09:20
      Activities on-going 5m
      Speakers: Beatrice Mandelli (CERN), Frederic Merlet (CERN)
    • 09:20 09:40
      Plan of LS2 activities 20m
      Speakers: Beatrice Mandelli (CERN), Frederic Merlet (CERN), Roberto Guida (CERN)
    • 09:40 11:05
      Gas systems for the LHC experiments
    • 11:05 11:15
      FSU & Jobs status 10m
      Speaker: Frederic Merlet (CERN)
    • 11:15 11:25
      AoB 10m
      Speakers: Andrea D'Auria (CERN), Beatrice Mandelli (CERN), Frederic Merlet (CERN), Louis-Philippe De Menezes (CERN), Patrick Carrie (CERN), Roberto Guida (CERN)
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