Oct 13 – 18, 2019
Lafodia Sea Resort, Lopud Island, Croatia
Europe/Zurich timezone

Low dose rate 60Co facility in Zagreb

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Lafodia Sea Resort, Lopud Island, Croatia

Lafodia Sea Resort, Lopud Island, Croatia



Matej Roguljic (Rudjer Boskovic Institute (HR))


The Co-60 irradiation facility at the Ruder Boskovic Institute in Zagreb will be presented. Preliminary results of the irradiation of an ATLAS and CMS pixel detector prototype readout chip, called RD53A, will be discussed.
Recent results have shown evidence of enhanced low dose-rate radiation sensitivity (ELDRS) to the total ionizing dose (TID) induced damage in 130- and 65-nm CMOS technologies. ELDRS has serious implications on the design of electronic circuits for High Luminosity Large Hadron Collider (HL-LHC) considering radiation hardness, where characterization and performance assessment are normally done with much higher dose-rates than foreseen during the operation. The Co-60 irradiation facility is equipped with a setup for irradiation at dose-rates similar to those at HL-LHC, close to the interaction point. Radiation hardness studies performed with this facility will therefore be a great complement to the ones performed at high-dose rates. The experimental setup is composed of two styrofoam boxes, a chiller, dry air system, a few power supplies and PCs. The setup is currently used to irradiate six RD53A chips. Three of them at room temperature and three of them cooled.

Primary authors

Matej Roguljic (Rudjer Boskovic Institute (HR)) Ahmed Abdirashid Ahmed (Syddansk Universitet (DK)) Vuko Brigljevic (Rudjer Boskovic Institute (HR)) Dinko Ferencek (Rudjer Boskovic Institute (HR)) Luis Miguel Jara Casas (CERN) Dr Aneliya Karadzhinova-Ferrer (Rudjer Boskovic Institute (HR)) Andrei Starodumov (Rudjer Boskovic Institute (HR))

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