Monthly Ironic/Procurement Meeting

600/R-002 (CERN)



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Arne Wiebalck
- retirement workflow
- deploy image
  status of burn-in steps
  integration of benchmarking
- inspection rules
Present: Arne, Daniel, Eric B., Eric S., Hervé, Luca A., Luca G., Nikos

Deploy image status: Burn-in

  • current image branch has CPU & RAM
  • network and disk to be done
  • how to structure the burn-in tests
    • individual tests for CPU, disk, RAM, network
    • umbrella test that runs all tests (to be run first, then individual ones in case sth needs to be repeated)
  • ACTION: Daniel to provide skeleton image
  • ACTION: Luca/Nikos to provide actual tests
  • ACTION: Arne to check with upstream on "hold on failure"
  • ACTION: Arne to check with upstream on "pass with errors"
Deploy image status: benchmarking
  • if possible, there should be only one approach to collect and store benchmarking data
  • we'll need to compare CF benchmarking numbers with HEP/WLCG benchmarking 
  • ACTION: Domenico/Daniel/Arne to add benchmarking "clean" step (based on the continuous benchmarking) 
Retirement workflow:
  • no real support in ironic
  • need to identify machines which go into final decommissioning (autodecomm tool)
  • best approach for now is probably to use "maintenance" in conjunction with cleaning
  • ACTION: Arne to check for ironic support
  • ACTION: Arne to propose workflow
Inspection rules:
  • no progress
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