Monthly Ironic/Procurement Meeting

28/R-015 (CERN)



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Arne Wiebalck (CERN)

Present: Eric B., Hervé, Eric S., Nikos, Luca A., Daniel, Serena, Arne (chair and minutes)


ACTION: Arne to check for ironic support for node retirement (done)

ACTION: Arne to propose workflow for node retirement (done)

  • For now a simplified workflow as described in
  • Initial trigger for retirement comes from CF via snow ticket (just as for new hardware)

Deploy image status: Burn-in

ACTION: Arne to check with upstream on "hold on failure" (done)

  • Not to hold is an upstream bug
  • Fix proposed here:
  • Needs follow-up

ACTION: Arne to check with upstream on "pass with errors"

ACTION: Daniel to provide skeleton image (done)

  • Grant access to image builder to CF (ACTION, Serena+Daniel)
  • Test kernel parameters for git branch selection (ACTION, Serena+Daniel)

ACTION: Luca/Nikos to provide actual tests

  • add packages to deploy image, needs list (ACTION, Luca A.)

- Aiming at "Wigner June" shipment for first (partial) ironic burn-in tests.
- Automatic enrollment into ironic? (ACTION, Arne)

Deploy image status: Benchmarking

ACTION: Domenico/Daniel/Arne to add benchmarking "clean" step (based on the continuous benchmarking) 

- Where should disk benchmarking go? (ACTION, Arne+Domenico)


- Serena preparing test systems of xCAT, NetBox and Ralph; CF to test (ACTION, Eric B.)

Inspection rules

- nothing to report


- leftovers in AIMS; can happen when de-registration fails; nodes can be removed; no explicit cleanup required for now 

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