IXPUG 2019 Annual Conference at CERN

from Tuesday, 24 September 2019 (08:30) to Friday, 27 September 2019 (18:00)
CERN (The Globe)

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24 Sep 2019
25 Sep 2019
26 Sep 2019
27 Sep 2019
08:30 --- Registration Coffee ---
09:00 Welcome by Host - Alberto Di Meglio (CERN) Dr Thomas Steinke (Zuse Institute Berlin) Eckhard Elsen (CERN)   (The Globe)
Session 1: Data Analytics and Machine Learning (until 10:00) (The Globe)
09:15 Deep Learning workflows: examples from High Energy Physics - Dr Sofia Vallecorsa (CERN)   (The Globe)
Session 1: Data Analytics and Machine Learning (until 11:15) (The Globe)
10:00 Deploying AI Frameworks on Secure HPC Systems with Containers - Mr Walter Riviera (Intel)   (The Globe)
10:30 Distributed Training of Generative Adversarial Networks for Fast Simulation - Sofia Vallecorsa (CERN)   (The Globe)
11:00 Performance and Scalability Analysis of CNN-based Deep Learning Inference in the Intel Distribution of OpenVINO Toolkit - Dr Iosif Meyerov (Lobachevsky State University)   (The Globe)
11:15 --- Coffee break ---
Session 1: Data Analytics and Machine Learning (until 12:15) (The Globe)
11:30 Progress and challenges on HPC and AI convergence - Mr Victor Lee (Intel)   (The Globe)
08:30 --- Registration Coffee ---
09:00 Day 2 Agenda Review   (The Globe)
Site Updates (until 09:45) (The Globe)
Session3: Applications Usage and Visualization (until 10:45) (The Globe)
09:45 Cost-efficiency of Large-scale Electronic Structure Simulations with Intel Xeon Phi Processors   (The Globe)
10:15 Optimizing Beyond Vectorization and Parallelization: a Case Study on QMCPACK   (The Globe)
10:45 --- Coffee break ---
Session3: Applications Usage and Visualization (until 12:00) (The Globe)
11:00 Hybrid-BLonD: Efficient Scale-Out of Beam Longitudinal Dynamics Simulations   (The Globe)
11:15 Optimizing Astrophysical Simulation and Data Analysis codes on Intel Architectures   (The Globe)
11:30 High-Fidelity Rendering for Large-Scale Tiled Displays   (The Globe)
11:45 Applying Vectorization to Lattice QCD Calculations   (The Globe)
08:30 --- Registration Coffee ---
09:00 Day 3 Agenda Review   (The Globe)
Session 5: Emerging Technologies (until 10:45) (The Globe)
09:15 An Integrated FPGA orchestrator for seamless scalability and resource management   (The Globe)
09:45 Characterizing Performance Benefits of HBM2 on Intel Stratix 10 FPGAs   (The Globe)
10:15 Acceleration of Scientific Deep Learning Models on Heterogeneous Computing Platform with Intel FPGA   (The Globe)
10:45 --- Coffee break ---
Session 5: Emerging Technologies (until 11:45) (The Globe)
11:00 Natural Language Processing with Intel Quantum Simulator   (The Globe)
11:30 Simple Implementation of Quantum Bits in Silicon by Decoupling them in Space and Time   (The Globe)
Session 5: Emerging Technologies (until 12:30) (The Globe)
11:45 How AI and DA combined with HPC shape innovation in Exascale architectures   (The Globe)
Hands-on and Tutorials (until 12:00) (The Globe)
09:00 TUTORIAL: Compute offload acceleration with FPGA   (The Globe)
12:15 --- Lunch break ---
Session 1: Data Analytics and Machine Learning (until 14:30) (The Globe)
13:15 “Big Data In HEP” - Physics Data Analysis, Machine learning and Data Reduction at Scale with Apache Spark - Oliver Gutsche (Fermi National Accelerator Lab. (US))   (The Globe)
13:45 I/O for Deep Learning at Scale - Dr Quincey Koziol (NERSC / LBNL)   (The Globe)
14:15 Deep Learning for satellite imagery - Sofia Vallecorsa (CERN) Taghi Aliyev (Universiteit Maastricht (NL)) Gul Rukh Khattak (University of Peshawar (PK))   (The Globe)
Session 2: Libraries and Tools (until 15:30) (The Globe)
14:30 Exploiting Emerging Multi-core Processors for HPC and Deep Learning using MVAPICH2 MPI Library - Dr Adrian Jackson (The University of Edinburgh)   (The Globe)
15:00 OpenCL in Scientific High Performance Computing - Mr Matthias Noack (Zuse Institute Berlin)   (The Globe)
15:30 --- Coffee break ---
Session 2: Libraries and Tools (until 16:45) (The Globe)
15:45 OpenMP to FPGA offloading prototype using the Intel FPGA SDK for OpenCL – An IXPUG success story - Mr Marius Knaust (Zuse Institute Berlin)   (The Globe)
16:15 OpenMP API Version 5.0 and Beyond - Mr Michael Klemm (Intel / OpenMP.org)   (The Globe)
Session 2: Libraries and Tools (until 17:30) (The Globe)
16:45 Next generation Intel MPI product for next generation systems. The latest Intel MPI features and optimization techniques - Dr Dmitry Durnov (Intel)   (The Globe)
17:30 IXPUG Day 1 Closing Remarks (Day 1 Recap and Day 2 Agenda)) - Alberto Di Meglio (CERN) Dr Estela Suarez (Juelich Research Centre)   (The Globe)
17:45 --- Networking Reception ---
12:00 --- Lunch break ---
Site Updates (until 13:30) (The Globe)
Session 4: Memory and Storage (until 14:15) (The Globe)
13:30 A journey over the memory managment stack for HPC large applications on moderne architectures   (The Globe)
Session 4: Memory and Storage (until 15:30) (The Globe)
14:15 Disrupting High Performance Storage with Intel DC Persistent Memory & DAOS   (The Globe)
14:45 Modernizing Legacy Codes for Next-Generation Storage Infrastructures: A Case Study of PALM on Intel DAOS   (The Globe)
15:15 Toward Easing the use of Optane DIMMs as Part of Heterogeneous Memory Systems   (The Globe)
15:30 --- Coffee break ---
Session 4: Memory and Storage (until 16:45) (The Globe)
15:45 Persistent Memory based Key-Value Store for Data Acquisition Systems   (The Globe)
16:15 Partitioned Interleaved Bloom filters using Optane DC Persistent Memory   (The Globe)
Session 4: Memory and Storage (until 17:30) (The Globe)
16:45 Exploiting persistent memory for workflows and computational simulation   (The Globe)
17:30 IXPUG Day 2 Closing Remarks (Day 2 Recap and Day 3 Agenda))   (The Globe)
Session 5: Emerging Technologies (until 13:15) (The Globe)
12:30 General Purpose Heterogenous Next-Generation Systems   (The Globe)
13:15 IXPUG Day 3 Closing Remarks (Day 3 Recap and Conference Closing Remarks)   (The Globe)
13:30 --- Lunch break ---
Hands-on and Tutorials (until 17:15) (The Globe)
14:45 TUTORIAL: Numba/HPAT And Daal4py: The Painless Route In Python To Fast And Scalable Data-Analytics/Machine-Learning   (The Globe)
14:45 TUTORIAL: Verificarlo: Floating-point Computing Verification and Optimization   (The Globe)
12:00 --- Lunch break ---
Hands-on and Tutorials (until 16:00) (The Globe)
13:30 TUTORIAL: Intel Solution for AI   (The Globe)
16:00 --- Visit of LHC Experiment or CERN Facility ---