Partikeldagarna 2019

Planck, Fysikhuset (Linköping University)

Planck, Fysikhuset

Linköping University

Arnaud Ferrari (Uppsala University (SE)) , Christian Ohm (KTH Royal Institute of Technology (SE)) , Riccardo Catena (Chalmers University of Technology)

Partikeldagarna 2019 will be held at Linköping University on October 2-3 2019, in close connection with Fysikdagarna 2019 happening on October 3-5. The workshop is organized by the Particle and Astroparticle Physics Section of the Swedish Physical Society (Fysikersamfundet). The workshop starts on Wednesday at 10 am (registration with coffee) and ends on Thursday at 6 pm (the social dinner of Fysikdagarna is this evening, included in the fee). In addition, an optional social dinner specifically for the participants of Partikeldagarna will be organized on Wednesday evening.

The aim of the meeting is to have a status report and a professional discussion of current particle and astroparticle physics research in Sweden. Partikeldagarna 2019 will follow the same structure as previous years, with a mix of talks given by individual (preferably young) researchers presenting their work, group reports and summaries from funding agencies and international organizations where Sweden is represented.

Partikeldagarna will also feature two invited speakers covering hot topics in particle and astroparticle physics:

  • Yasmine Amhis on CP violation;
  • Stefano Vercellone on high-energy gamma-ray astronomy.

Registration: two steps! (please indicate any food restrictions/preferences in both forms)

  • Everyone should register to Fysikdagarna (through this form), but NOT PAY!
  • Also register separately for Partikeldagarna here in Indico.

Abstract submission: from July 1st to September 5th at noon. 

In order to submit an abstract and register, you will have to use a CERN indico account. Contact the organizers for support, if needed.

Payment: 900 SEK for meeting (including light lunch on October 2nd, dinner on October 3rd, and all coffee breaks) and 600 SEK for the social dinner of October 2nd. In other words, the dinner for Partikeldagarna (Wednesday) is optional, and the social dinner for Fysikdagarna (Thursday) is included in the fee. 

Accommodation: see separate accommodation tab.

Location: Linköping University

Room: Planck, Fysikhuset

Organizers: Riccardo Catena (Chalmers), Arnaud Ferrari (Uppsala), Christian Ohm (KTH)

  • Alice Ohlson
  • Allan Hallgren
  • Andrew Lifson
  • Arnaud Ferrari
  • Bengt Lund-Jensen
  • Bernhard Meirose
  • catena riccardo
  • Caterina Doglioni
  • Chad Finley
  • Christian Ohm
  • Christina Dimitriadi
  • David Milstead
  • Einar Alfred Elen
  • Eleni Myrto Asimakopoulou
  • Else Lytken
  • Eric Edward Corrigan
  • Erin O'Sullivan
  • Eva Brottmann Hansen
  • Felix Tellander
  • Geoffrey Mullier
  • Giulia Ripellino
  • Jannik Geisen
  • Johan Bijnens
  • Johan Rathsman
  • Jonas Strandberg
  • Karl Filip Backman
  • Katherine Dunne
  • Kerstin Jon-And
  • Klas Hultqvist
  • Kunal Deoskar
  • Laura Barranco Navarro
  • Laura Pereira Sanchez
  • Malin Sjodahl
  • Marcus Pernow
  • Matti Jansson
  • Mattias Blennow
  • Mattias Sjö
  • Michael Nelson
  • Mohanraj Senniappan
  • Olga Botner
  • Olga Sunneborn Gudnadottir
  • Pablo Fernández de Salas
  • Patrawan (Prim) Pasuwan
  • Rabia shaheen
  • Rebeca Gonzalez Suarez
  • Richard Brenner
  • Richard Jacobsson
  • Rikkert Frederix
  • Ruth Pottgen
  • Sara Strandberg
  • Stefano Moretti
  • Stefano Vercellone
  • Stefio Yosse Andrean
  • Sten Hellman
  • Thomas Mathisen
  • Timea Vitos
  • Timon Emken
  • Tomas Bylund
  • Torbjörn Lundberg
  • Tord Ekelöf
  • Venugopal Ellajosyula
  • Yasmine Sara Amhis
  • Yvonne Becherini