Probing double parton scattering via associated open charm and bottom production in ultraperipheral pA collisions

19 Nov 2019, 11:10
Double Parton Scattering Double Parton Scattering


Roman Pasechnik (Lund university)


I will discuss a novel channel for phenomenological studies of the double-parton scattering (DPS) based upon associated production of charm and bottom quark-antiquark pairs in well-separated rapidity intervals in ultra-peripheral high-energy proton-nucleus collisions. This process provides a direct access to the double-gluon distribution in the proton at small-x and enables one to test the factorised DPS pocket formula. I will present the corresponding theoretical predictions for the DPS contribution to this process at typical LHC energies and beyond and validate the use of the energy-independent (but photon momentum fraction dependent) effective cross section.

Primary author

Roman Pasechnik (Lund university)


Dr Emmanuel de Oliveira (UFSC, Florianopolis, Brazil) Edgar Huayra (UFSC, Florianopolis, Brazil)

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