Measurements of jet fragmentation and jet substructures at ATLAS

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Collaboration ATLAS (ATLAS Collaboration)


In this talk, we present four measurements that probe the internal structure of jets using
data collected by the ATLAS experiment. First, a measurement of the properties of jet
fragmentation using charged particle tracks is presented, including charged particle
multiplicity, jet charge, the summed fragmentation function, the momentum transverse
to the jet axis, and the radial profile of the jet are measured. In addition, jet substructure
observables are measured in ttbar and inclusive jet events. If available, the
measurement of soft drop jet substructure observables in dijet events will be also
presented. Finally, a measurement of the Lund Plane is also presented, using charged
particles reconstructed inside jets in inclusive jet events. All measurements are
performed using proton-proton collision data collected with the ATLAS detector at √s=13
TeV. The measurements are corrected for detector effects and are compared to the
predictions of up-to-date Monte Carlo event generators and to the state-of-the-art
calculations. New event generator configurations for the modelling of jet production,
derived using ATLAS data will also be presented.

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Collaboration ATLAS (ATLAS Collaboration)

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