ONLY for participants who do not have access to the CERN site

Contact info, +41 22 76 65624

Register to get access to the CERN site. Remember to print your badge either at home or at the CERN reception before 17.45, or save the ticket on your phone, and also remember your ID to be shown to the guard by the gate. To get to IdeaSquare, see map here:

Request access to the CERN site
CERN's Security Policy requires you to provide the following additional data. The contents of this form will not be shared with the event organizers and will only be revealed upon request from CERN's Site Surveillance service.

Once you have provided this data, you will be able to get a ticket which grants you access to the CERN site during this period: 21 May 2019 (18:00 - 19:00)

Vehicle Registration

If you are bringing your own car, please make sure you type in the correct license plate number! Otherwise you won't be able to enter the site!