31 May 2021 to 3 June 2021
Europe/Budapest timezone

Travel information

Before travelling to Hungary please check whether you need a Visa or not. If you need an invitation letter or any other document to get the Visa please contact us.

Travel to Budapest

You can reach Budapest by plane, by train, and by car. By plane you arrive to Budapest Liszt Ferenc International Airport. From the airport your can reach the hotel by taxi, minibus, or public transportation. The taxi and minibus are fairly priced. There is only one taxi company contracted by the airport - Főtaxi.  The minibus service matches travellers going towards the same area of town. It is cheaper and still very comfortable. It is also relatively easy to reach the hotel by public transport: the 100E bus takes you directly to Deak Ferenc ter where you can take M1. The hotel is along M1 (directrion Mexikói út) very close to the Bajza utca stop.

By train you will reach the city at one of the big train stations (Déli, Nyugati or Keleti) depending on which direction you are coming from. The Hungarian train service company’s MÁV. The German train service also includes information on how to travel to Budapest by train. All train stations are easily connected with the hotel by metro.

If you are travelling by car please find the GPS information of the hotel here. For using the following motorways you have to buy a motorway sticker: M1, M3, M5, M6 and M7 (available at border crossing points and at petrol stations).

Travel within Budapest

The public transportation service of Budapest is very efficient and reliable. There are trams and buses running during the whole night.  Furthermore, all the information on connections and timetables are uploaded to google maps, so you can just insert your destination there and get all the options. As the conference site has restaurants close by, you likely will not need public transport during your stay. One can buy single tickets (10 single tickets cost about 10 EUR, keeping in mind that when changing you need another ticket, except for metro connections). Please note that if you are a European citizen over 65 years old you are entitled to travel for free on all the Budapest public transport (you will just need to show your ID card to the ticket inspectors).