Cosmology 1Phase Transitions and GWPrimordial Black HolesDark Sectors: Cosmological Aspects 1Light DM Detection 1Neutrinos 1ChairRouzbeh AllahverdiSoubhik KumarNicholas OrlofskyMalte BuschmannJeff DrorJulia Gehrlein2:00UV completing Higgs inflationAnna TokarevaProbing Baryonic Dark Matter Models with Gravitational WavesBartosz FornalAsymmetric Reheating by Primordial Black HolesBarmak S.E. HaghiDeciphering the Archaeological Record: Cosmological Imprints of Non-Minimal Dark Sectors Jeff KostSub-GeV Dark Matter andJason KumarkeV Sterile Neutrino Dark Matter Terrestrial Searches: Alive and WellCristina Benso2:15Higgs-Sparticle Inflation In The MSSMZurab TavartkiladzeImplications for first-order cosmological phase transitions from the third LIGO-Virgo observing runAlba RomeroPrimordial Black Holes and warm dark matter constraintsAuffinger JérémyExtracting Primordial Dark-Matter Velocity Distribution from Halo Masses: A Reconstruction ConjectureFei HuangLooking for elusive dark sectors in the lab and skyRashmish MishraUnified framework for B-anomalies, muon g-2 and neutrino massesAnil Thapa2:30Multi-field inflation in the extreme-turning limitVikas AragamSearching for Cosmic Strings using data from the third Advanced LIGO-Virgo observing runFengwei YangInterplay Between Dark Matter Freeze Out/In and Primordial Black Hole EvaporationLucien HeurtierEnlarging the Space of Viable Inflation Models: A Slingshot MechanismBrooks ThomasPhenomenology of Minimal Leptophilic dark-matter modelsAdil JueidMuon g2 Anomaly and Neutrino Magnetic MomentsVishnu P. Kovilakam2:45Quintessential Inflation in Palatini GravityKonstantinos DimopoulosGravity Gradient Noise from AsteroidsMichael FedderkeCharting the Landscape in Our Neighborhood from the PBHs Mass Distribution and GWsAmjad AshoorioonCosmological constraints on light (but massive) relicsJulian MunozLight Dark Matter through Resonance ScanningRachel HoutzHidden Photons in light of g-2Patrick Foldenauer3:00Is Our Universe the Remnant of Chiral Anomaly in Inflation?Azadeh MaleknejadDetecting new forces in the gravitational wave backgroundBenjamin LehmannProbing axion-like particle radiation from primordial black holesFrancesco SchiavoneCosmological constraints on multi-interacting dark matterDeanna C. HooperIntegral X-ray constraints on sub-GeV dark matterElena PinettiProbing Baryogenesis using Neutron-Anti-Neutron OscillationKare Fridell3:15A Real Time Approach to Quantum TunnelingNeil ShahGravitational Waves as a Big Bang ThermometerJan Schuette-EngelCosmological PBHs as dark matterZachary PickerElectroweak Confinement and Dark MatterJessica N. HowardProbing light dark matter particles with astrophysical experiments Tanmay PoddarThe Singly-Charged Scalar Singlet as the Origin of Neutrino MassesTobias Felkl3:30BreakParallel: Wednesday (Part 1)Cosmology 2Dark Sector ModelsDark Sectors: Cosmological Aspects 2Light DM Detection 2Neutrinos 2ChairBrooks Thomas?Rachel HoutzBarmak ShamsAlexis PlascenciaAnil Thapa4:00Cosmological Particle Production and Pairwise Spots on the CMBSoubhik KumarBaryogenesis and Flavored Dark Matter from Broken Twin ColorChristopher VerhaarenPhenomenology of Magnetic Black HolesNicholas OrlofskySources of Low-energy Events in Sub-GeV Dark Matter DetectorsPeizhi DuMajorana Dark Matter and Neutrino mass in a singlet-doublet extension of the Standard ModelManoranjan Dutta4:15Gravitational growth of perturbations during reheatingNathan MusokeZ' bosons at the P2 experimentYongchao ZhangThe History and Fate of Dark NeutronsNirmal RajAn Attractive Scenario for Light Dark Matter Direct DetectionJulia GehrleinTalk Cancelled4:30Small Field Polynomial Inflation: Reheating, Radiative Stability and Lower BoundYong XuProbing dark matter and dark energy with strong gravitational lensingSimon BirrerThermal Squeezeout of Dark MatterPouya AsadiDark Matter Daily Modulation With Anisotropic Organic CrystalsCarlos BlancoMassive sterile neutrinos in the Early Universe: from thermal decoupling to cosmological constraintsLeonardo Mastrototaro4:45Spillway Preheating: an efficient particle production mechanismQianshu LuFlavor anomalies from a split dark sectorEnrico Maria SessoloBaryogenesis and Dark Matter from Dark, 1st Order Phase TransitionsRobert McGeheeHalo uncertainties in electron recoil events at direct detection experimentsTarak Nath MaityTesting the stability of heavy dark matter with up-coming radio neutrino telescopesRasmi E.H. Muñoz5:00The synergy between CMB spectral distortions and anisotropiesMatteo LuccaIndirect Detection Signatures of a Dark Glueball SpectrumCaleb GemmellDark matter Relic Abundance beyond Kinetic EquilibriumAndrzej HryczukThe PADME experimentElizabeth LongDark Matter in the Type Ib Seesaw ModelBowen Fu5:15Cosmology with UV Galaxy Luminosity FunctionsNashwan SabtiProbing axion-like particles with final states from vector boson fusion processes at the LHCElijah SheridanA Dark Sector to Restore Cosmological ConcordanceFabrizio RompineveStatus of the NEWS-G dark matter experimentAlexis BrossardTalk CancelledWednesday (Part 2)Axions 1BSM with Compact Objects 1Higgs/EW Physics 1WIMP Models/Detection 1Strings/Formal 1Collider BSMChairSteven HarrisAniket JoglekarRahool BarmanFelix KlingRashmish MishraSamuel Homiller2:00New Roles of the (QCD) Axion in Dark Matter, Baryogenesis, and Gravitational WavesRaymond CoTalk CancelledOff-shell Higgs Couplings in H*ZZννHan QinWhere is a Miracle-less WIMP Ruled out?Jason A