Online Video-conferencing Platform

Platform: The IWARA 2020 Video Conference will be hosted using the online video- and audio-conferencing platform ZOOM. This platform operates even with low local internet speed, with no buffering and with automatic adjustments during audio and video callings. Participants do not necessarily need to have ZOOM installed on their computer or cell phones or other devices; participants can access the synchronous live activities of the event through the teleconferencing invitation link provided by the Organizers. Participants can also install the free version of ZOOM. 

Moderators: The IWARA 2020 Video Conference will be moderated by Cesar Zen, Mariana Vargas, Thomas Boller, and Benno Bodmann.

Time zone: The IWARA 2020 Video Conference will adopt the time zone of Mexico City, Mexico.

Access, Coexistence and Cooperation Guidelines:

  • The access of registered participants to the live sessions of the IWARA 2020 Video Conference will be made preferentially through an email meeting invitation with an embedded link. The invitation may occur also by contact, phone, or room system. Through the 'regularly scheduled calls' option of the ZOOM system, the same invitation URL will be used throughout the event.
  • The participants are supposed to verify in advance technical aspects of hardware and/or software of their equipment (tablets, cell phones, computers, laptops) as well as local internet connectivity for access to the IWARA 2020 Video Conference.
  • Getting started:
    • Participants find on the web page getting started technical information about the ZOOM system.
    • The requirements for displaying in particular up to 49 thumbnails per page in gallery view: ZOOM Desktop Client for MacOS or Windows version 4.1.x.0122 or later; Intel i7 or equivalent CPU; dual core processor for a single monitor; quad core processor for dual monitors.
    • To facilitate the identification of the participants by the mediators, attendants are asked to adopt their first and last names in the list of participants of the conference and do not use nicknames or email IDs. The ZOOM system option ‘allow participants to rename themselves’ will be enabled by the mediator during the event. 
    • Participants will be automatically muted when they join the meeting, except the speaker's microphone.
    • To communicate with the moderator of the meeting, attendants may use the chat option or select their names in the list of participants and tap the icon ‘Rise Hand’ by selecting the ZOOM button at the bottom of the window on the right side of the screen. A hand icon next to his name will appear in the list of participants.
    • Participants are asked not to share their video, screen, and audio during the meeting.
    • Questions can be addressed to speakers in the live sessions, at the end of their presentations, by signaling in advance to the mediator using the chat option or the hand icon. In this case (hand icon), the microphone of the person asking the question will be temporarily switched on by the mediator. 
    • Usage Reports: a report with an attendee list will be reported once every daily meeting is finished.