ATLAS next steps: (following discussion with Alessandro on 22/5)

ATLAS instance status:

Migration status:


FTS (Andrea, Eddie):


Collocation hints:


Actions follow-up:

who what by when
German Storage classes definition with Alessandro D.G. 25/5
Eric Agree with ATLAS on list of "activities" and configure via cta-admin. Deploy "activities" on ATLAS 27/5
Eric  Deploy FIFO queueing on ATLAS 3/6
Julien CTA web site - add CERN instance description and links to monitoring (urgent) 24/5
Michael Complete (with Cédric S.) namespace split-up 30/5
Vlado, Eric Agree how to repack disabled tapes once disabling is honored by CTA 30/5
Eric contact ATLAS in order to agree on list of activities and exact details 30/5
Eric specify exact URL parameters to use for setting the class for each file to be transferred 27/5
Julien follow up with ATLAS on how deletions should take place. Check with CMS whether files can be removed for easing schema upgrade. 27/5
Julien Ensure CTA team is copied in exchanges with ATLAS and other experiments. 24/5
Julien Talk to Bernd / procurement to obtain precise timelines. 30/5
Michael Ensure that Georgios gets in touch with Luc to advance discussions on modelling collocation hints and assessing their usefulness. 30/5