21 June 2019
Europe/Zurich timezone

Speaker: Gabriella Azzopardi (BE-BI)

The Large Hadron Collider makes use of a complex collimation system to protect its sensitive equipment from normal and abnormal beam losses. The collimators are positioned around the beam following a multi-stage transverse setting hierarchy. The position of each collimator is determined using beam-based alignment techniques to determine the local beam position and beam size at each collimator. During previous years, collimator alignments were performed semi-automatically, with collimation experts present to oversee and control the alignment. During Run II, a new fully-automatic alignment tool was developed and used for collimator alignments throughout 2018. This seminar will discuss how the full-automation replaced the user tasks with dedicated algorithms by applying machine learning and other forms of data analysis. This is then followed by the results obtained using the full-automation and how this paved the way for other alignment techniques, such as angular alignments.

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