Speaker: Jose Luis Sirvent Blasco (BE-BI-PM and University of Liverpool)

In the framework of the LHC Injectors Upgrade project, the improvements required to achieve the parameters of the future beams for the High-Luminosity LHC are being studied and implemented.

The upgrade aims at producing high brightness beams, for which it is fundamental to maintain a precise control over the beam intensity and transverse emittance. The injectors upgrade include the conception of a new beam wire scanners generation, designed to precisely monitor the transverse beam profile from which the emittance can be calculated. Wire scanners traverse the particle beam with a very thin carbon wire (30 um diameter) at high speed. The beam profile is inferred from the intensity of the shower of secondary particles, scattered from beam-wire interaction, and the wire position.

Existing wire scanners in the injectors will be replaced with the new generation (LIU-BWS) within two years. During the last Runs before LS2, prototypes were installed in PSB, PS and SPS for commissioning with beams featuring a wide range of intensities and emittances. After a general introduction to beam size measurements via wire scanners, this seminar will discuss the innovative electro-mechanical design of the LIU-BWS and detail their performance compared to the present systems.


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