27-30 April 2020
CNR - Rome
Europe/Rome timezone
CNR - Rome
Aula Convegni
P. le Aldo Moro 7, Rome

SM@LHC2020 cancelled.
The 2021 edition of SM@LHC will be held in Rome.
The dates of this workshop will be announced as soon as possible: stay tuned!

The meeting deals with the latest developments in Standard Model phenomenology at the LHC, and aims at bringing together experimentalists and theorists to stimulate discussions across the various fields. The main topics include Electroweak, Higgs, QCD, Top,  Flavor Physics and EFT

It will take place at XXX in Rome (Italy)

Previous workshops of the SM@LHC series took place in Zurich (SM@LHC 2019), Berlin (SM@LHC 2018), Amsterdam (SM@LHC 2017), Pittsburgh (SM@LHC 2016), Florence (SM@LHC 2015, indico), Madrid (SM@LHC 2014, indico), Freiburg (SM@LHC 2013), Copenhagen (SM@LHC 2012), Durham (SM@LHC 2011) and London (SM@LHC 2009).

Conference site: http://www.roma1.infn.it/conference/SMatLHC_2020

Early fee registration deadline: XXX

International Organizing Committee: Juan Alcaraz Maestre, Jeppe Andersen, Mario Campanelli, Tancredi Carli, Vitaliano Ciulli, Ayres Freitas, Stefan Hoeche, Eric Laenen, Katharina Muller, Aleandro Nisati

Local Organizing Committee: M.Bauce, R.Bonciani, E. Di Marco, V. Ippolito, M. Kado, B. Mele, P. Meridiani, A. Nisati, E. Pasqualucci, D. Pinci, A. Polosa, C. Rovelli, R. Santacesaria, L. Silvestrini, L. Soffi