Oct 9 – 11, 2019
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Public Transport

Underground S-Bahn Tramway Bus

How does it work?

Luckily, all means of public transportation within the city limits can be used with the same ticket:

  • Underground ("U-Bahn")
  • Urban Railways ("S-Bahn")
  • Tramway
  • Bus

(There's one exception: The yellow trams circulating around the city center are touristic and cost 9 Euros, but they also offer information about the sights along the route.)

Even a single ticket allows (multiple) connections, but no return trips.

Where do I get a ticket?

Various types of tickets are sold at tobacconists ("Trafik"), at vending machines in underground and S-Bahn stations and in some hotels. Even though there are also other options, it is highly recommended that you buy the ticket before you enter the means of transportation.

Buy and print your ticket online here!

There are several types of tickets:

  • Single ticket (2.40 Euros)
  • 48h ticket (14.10 Euros)
  • Weekly pass: valid Mo 0:00 a.m. - Mo 9:00 a.m.; transferable (17.10 Euros)
  • Various tickets valid for a day or more
  • Half-price tickets are required for children (aged 6-15)

Please refer to the public transportation website (Wiener Linien) for details on those kind of tickets.

How do I board?

Punching machine

When starting your journey, you must validate your ticket. This is accomplished by inserting it into the blue or orange punching machine (see photo) which is located at the entrance of subway and S-Bahn stations or inside buses and trams. Underground stations have gates (with punching machines) at every entrance, and you must have a valid ticket in order to advance beyond the gate.

If you use a multi-strip ticket, first fold it such that the correct strip is at the edge. In case of a ticket valid for a day or more, you only have to punch it when you commence your first trip.

It seems quite easy to ride for free without a ticket. In principle yes, but naturally there are random inspections and if you are caught without a valid ticket, you have to pay a fine of 103 Euros (plus 2.40 Euros for the ticket).


Quick Connections

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City Center

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Additional Information

Further information about public transportation in Vienna can be found at: