Oct 7 – 9, 2019
Europe/Zagreb timezone

The workshop aims at discussing the non-perturbative aspects of gauge theories connected with the asymptotic expansions in perturbation theory. Resurgence as a framework in which the non-perturbative and perturbative data in a QFT are quantitatively related will be reviewed and connection with the OPE program in QCD will be discussed. 

On the QCD phenomenology side, connection of renormalon divergences in perturbative expansion with power corrections to QCD processes and application to quark-hadron duality will be presented. Validity of the quark-hadron duality in heavy hadron decays and connection of duality-violating terms with trans-series will be reviewed.

Moreover, the recent developments within the large-number-of-flavours expansion in the 4D gauge theories will be presented. Among these developments, possible emergence of the non-perturbative ultraviolet fixed point in this regime will be discussed, asymptotically safe extensions of the Standard Model will be reviewed and simulation of these theories on the lattice will be covered.  


  • Asymptotics of perturbation theory: renormalons and instantons
  • Quark-hadron duality
  • Resurgence in gauge theories
  • Asymptotic safety


We aim to bring together theorists working on these topics in order to make an overview of the current situation and also to facilitate the connection between different research directions.

This workshop is financed by the Croatian Science Foundation under the project "Terascale physics for the LHC and Cosmos"

No participation/registration fee is required. 


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