SGD Topics #3: Getting Started: a beginners guide to Data Analysis with Python

IdeaSquare (CERN)



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Getting Started: a beginners tutorial on Data Analysis.

This special session will focus on a beginners guide to some general tools for data analysis with python. Bring your laptop for this hands on introduction to a full analysis chain. Including some exercises on:
- What is programming?
- Variables, Containers and Functions
- Numpy : multi-dimensional arrays and matrices.
- Pandas : Loading data into python and cleaning.
- matplotlib : Looking at your data
- Scikit-learn: A first look at learning from your data.

This will be an intensive hands on session, regardless of your level come along and share in the experience with your fellow data enthusiasts!

Exercises will be performed with or your local anaconda installation. Please sign up/download before the session! 

ONLY for non-CERN personnel! Register below for access to the site! 

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