ISOLDE Seminar

Implementation of an iris shutter in the ISOLTRAP beam line

by Adele Jeanne Perus (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (FR))


During spring and summer 2019, the ISOLTRAP beam line has been dismantled after
misalignments were noticed. After opening the MRToF section, one of the two iris shutter used to
create a pressure barier between ISOLTRAP's RFQ-CB and the MRToF-MS was found to be
broken. I first focused my work on the replacement of this iris. As these iris shutters are
mechanically fragile, replacing them by a fixed aperture seems a better option. Hence, the second
part of the summer project aimed at the determination of the size of the fixed aperture while still
allowing optimal ion transport inside the ISOLTRAP beam line. To this end, the SIMION program
was used. This presentation will detail the work performed at the setup as well as explicit the
details of the simulation and present some preliminary results.