February 27, 2020 to March 5, 2020
Schlechinger Bürgerhaus, Schulstraße 4
Europe/Zurich timezone

The 'Arbeitstreffen Kernphysik' is a yearly meeting of members of German and international experts on nuclear science which goes back to 1970. The aim is to provide a regular review of progress in various subareas of nuclear science and to use this occasion to introduce young students and postdocs into the field.

The meeting is by invitation only and organized by the Schleching Organizing Committee, currently consisting of:

Peter Braun-Munzinger (chair)
Burkhard Kämpfer
Frank Maas
Silvia Masciocchi
Ulf Meißner
Stephan Paul
Jochen Wambach

Schlechinger Bürgerhaus, Schulstraße 4
Tel. +49 (0) 8649-220

Each year, three different sub-areas are chosen. A 'main speaker' for each sub-area introduces the underlying physics from the basics to the currently active research frontier in three lectures. From the pool of invited doctoral students and postdocs the 'seminar chairs' organize a series of seminars in which progress on active research is reported. For each sub-area also a 'libero', usually a senior member of the community, is invited to enrich the subject and to present a talk on a topic of his/her choice. In addition, a few seniors are invited as specialists for one of the three areas. Every main speaker will have 3 times 75 minutes for his presentations (discussions included). In addition, the seminar chairs will organize 4 hours of seminar time for presentations by participants on each main physics topic. Liberos will have 75 minutes to talk and are not bound to one of the main topics. All participants are invited by the organizing committee, keeping in mind a good regional balance as well as insuring participation of roughly equal numbers of participants for each area. Students and postdocs interested in giving talks in the seminar series are requested to inform the appropriate seminar chair as soon as possible. At the end of the workshop the three seminar chairs will present short 30-minute summary presentations with highlights of the seminars. From the format outlined above it is clear that each of the main speakers as well as the seminar chairs will talk to an audience where 2/3 of the participants are not experts and all talks have to be prepared accordingly. Since the field of nuclear science has grown substantially over the years, this is very important for the field, but also makes for a very attractive meeting for all involved. The German Government (BMBF Verbundforschung), GSI and the town of Schleching are financially supporting this event. Following the rules applicable, we can reimburse the travel costs for all participants not being employed at Max-Planck-Institutes or Helmholtz-Centers.

Application for this event is currently open.