PHAROS Conference 2020: The multi-messenger physics and astrophysics of neutron stars

Room 1, 2 (Porto Rio Hotel, Patras, Greece)

Room 1, 2

Porto Rio Hotel, Patras, Greece


9 March 2020

Given the recent developments related to Covid-19, the Greek Government has banned all conferences in the country for the next four weeks. Following that, we are canceling the PHAROS Conference 2020.


Neutron stars are unique objects that manifest themselves across a wide range of multi-messenger signals: electromagnetic radiation from radio to gamma-rays, cosmic rays, neutrinos, and gravitational waves. Their extreme density, gravity and magnetic fields make them exceptional astrophysical laboratories for the exploration of nuclear physics, general relativity, and electromagnetism at extreme conditions that are impossible to achieve in terrestrial laboratories. 

The PHAROS Conference 2020 aims to bring together neutron star experts from the following thematic areas:

  • Dense matter: equations of state, superfluidity and superconductivity
  • Magnetic field formation, structure and evolution
  • Neutron star observations: from radio to gamma-rays
  • Neutron stars in the multimessenger era
  • Neutron stars in General Relativity
  • Magnetospheric high-energy emission
  • Population studies
  • Fast Radio Bursts


Confirmed Invited Speakers

  • Mehmet Ali Alpar (Sabanci University)
  • Danai Antonopoulou (Polish Academy of Sciences)
  • Manisha Caleb (Jodrell Bank)
  • Benoît Cerutti (Grenoble University)
  • Nathalie Degenaar (University of Amsterdam)
  • Sam Lander (Polish Academy of Sciences)
  • Yuri Levin (Columbia University, Flatiron Institute)
  • Lina Levin Preston (Jodrell Bank)
  • Cole Miller (University of Maryland)
  • Albino Perego (University of Trento)
  • Alexander Potekhin (Ioffe, St Petersburg)
  • Laura Tolos (University of Frankfurt & ICE Barcelona)
  • Eleonora Troja (NASA Goddard) 
  • Dave Tsang (University of Bath)
  • Anatoly Spitkovsky (Princeton University)
  • Nick Stergioulas (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki)
  • Daniele Vigano (ICE Barcelona)
  • Patrick Weltevrede (University of Manchester)
  • Silvia Zane (University College London, MSSL)


Meeting Venue

The meeting will be held in Patras (Greece) at the Porto Rio Hotel, from the 30th of March to the 3rd of April 2020.


Important dates

Registration and abstract submission opens: 15 September 2019.
Abstract submission closes: 15 November 2019.
Financial support for students: 15 November 2019.
Registration closes: 15 January 2020.

Financial support for students

Students from PHAROS COST-Action countries are eligible to apply for financial support. Students who would like to be considered for financial support need to tick the relevant box at registration and ask their supervisor to send a letter of support to by 15/11/2019. 

Abstract submission 

You may use the link on the left to submit an abstract to the conference. Please, indicate whether you would like your contribution to be considered as an oral or poster presentation.  Please ensure that you have registered with the conference before submitting your abstract.


We have agreed a discounted accommodation price with Porto Rio Hotel where the conference will take place. The price for a single room is 85€ per night and for a double room: 68.50€ per night per person (if you prefer a double shared room please ensure that you provide the name of your roommate when making the reservation). Prices include breakfast, lunch and dinner. A non-refundable deposit for one night is needed to book a room. To book a room please contact directly the Hotel via email: and mention that you will be attending the PHAROS Conference 2020 to receive the discounted price. The offer is available until 15/1/2020. Hotel accommodation is subject to availability and will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. 

Conference Registration Fee

The conference registration fee is 130€ to be paid online. The conference fee includes conference material, welcome reception, conference dinner and coffee breaks. 

Registration fee is waived only for Master and PhD students from COST ITC (Inclusiveness Target Countries) and NNC (Near Neighbouring Countries), please check the list here

Cancellation Policy: A full refund will be made (minus bank expenses) for cancellations received by 31/1/2020. Cancellations made from 1/2/2020 to 29/2/2020 will be refunded by 50%. No refunds will be made for cancellations after 29/2/2020.


Travel Information

You can reach Patras from Athen's International Airport (El. Venizelos) by car via Olympia Odos, intercity bus ot train. General informations about how to reach Patras can be found here.

Local Transportation: The conference venue can be reached from Patras city centre by taxi (15€), local bus or suburban railway (more details about how to reach hotel here). Bus lines 6 services the route Patras city center-Rio (more details about bus here) and the bus stop is just next to the hotel. 



Speakers are welcome to use their own laptops. If needed there will be also a computer in the room with Acrobat and Office installed. Please make sure you have tried your presentation 10 minutes before your session starts. The LOC and your Session Chair will help you with that.



There will be a poster session where posters will be presented by 5 minutes talks.


Best PhD and Young Post-Doc Talk Prizes

There will be two prizes for the best PhD student and Young Post-Doc (< 5 yr after defence) talks, with the aim of awarding the best one in each category. Please sign up at registration for the competition.


Scientific Organizing Committee

Felix Aharonian Max Planck Institute for Nuclear Physics, Germany
Sergey Bogovalov National Research Nuclear University, Moscow, Russia
Marta Burgay Cagliari Observatory, INAF, Italy
Ioannis Contopoulos Academy of Athens, Greece
Daniela  Doneva University of Tuebingen, Germany
Morgane Fortin Nicolaus Copernicus Astronomical Center, Poland
Ersin Gogus Sabancı University, Turkey
Kostas Gourgouliatos University of Patras, Greece
Vanessa Graber McGill University, Canada
Alice Harding NASA-GSFC, USA
Bryn Haskell Nicolaus Copernicus Astronomical Center, Poland
Yuri Lyubarsky Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel
Maxim Lyutikov Purdue University, USA
Costança  Providencia  University of Coimbra, Portugal
Nanda Rea CSIC-IEEC, Spain
Luciano Rezzolla Goethe University of Frankfurt, Germany
David Smith Centre d'Etudes Nucléaires de Bordeaux-Gradignan, France
Ben Stappers University of Manchester, UK
Anna Watts Anton Pannekoek Institute for Astronomy - University of Amsterdam, Netherlands

Local Organizing Committee

Ioannis Contopoulos Academy of Athens, Greece
Kostas Gourgouliatos  University of Patras, Greece
Vasileios Karageorgopoulos University of Patras, Greece

For more info contact: 


Local Information

We wish you a pleasant stay!

The Local Organizing Committee

  • Abubakr Ibrahim
  • Adriana Raduta
  • Ahmad Hujeirat
  • Aidar Ilyasov
  • Alberto Garcia-Garcia
  • Alejandro Vigna Gómez
  • Aleksandr Burtovoi
  • Alessandro Corongiu
  • Alessandro Montoli
  • Alessandro Papitto
  • Alessio Marino
  • Alex wright
  • Alexander Ayriyan
  • Alexander Mushtukov
  • Alexander Potekhin
  • Alexis Reboul-Salze
  • Ali Alpar
  • Ali Arda Gencali
  • Ali Taani
  • Alice Borghese
  • Amir Sharon
  • Andrea Sanna
  • Andrei Igoshev
  • Andrey Timokhin
  • Ankan Sur
  • Anthea Francesca Fantina
  • Antonio Figura
  • Aretaios Lalakos
  • Arianna Miraval Zanon
  • Aris Karastergiou
  • Armin Vahdat Motlagh
  • Arus Harutyunyan
  • Aurélien Pascal
  • Aurélien SOURIE
  • Balazs Asztalos
  • Barbara Olmi
  • Benjamin Stappers
  • Benoit Cerutti
  • Bettina Posselt
  • Brynmor Haskell
  • Ceyhun Andac
  • Chia Min Tan
  • Chiranjib Mondal
  • Christian Krueger
  • Claire Guépin
  • Clara Dehman
  • Cole Miller
  • Colin Clark
  • Constantinos Kalapotharakos
  • Constanza Echiburú
  • Constança Providencia
  • Corinne Fletcher
  • Crispin Agar
  • Cristóbal Espinoza
  • Danai Antonopoulou
  • Danat Issa
  • Daniel Pęcak
  • Daniel Suárez Urango
  • Daniela Doneva
  • Daniele Viganò
  • Dany Page
  • David Alvarez Castillo
  • David Keitel
  • David Smith
  • David Tsang
  • Davide De Grandis
  • Debades Bandyopadhyay
  • Diego F Torres
  • Dimitra Tseneklidou
  • Dmitry Zyuzin
  • Domitilla de Martino
  • Dubravko Klabučar
  • Eda Vurgun
  • Elias Roland Most
  • Emilie Parent
  • Enrico Bozzo
  • Erbil Gügercinoğlu
  • Evaggelos Stergiou
  • Fabian Gittins
  • Fabio Cruz
  • Fabio Lora
  • Federico Guercilena
  • Federico Vincentelli
  • Francesco Coti Zelati
  • Gabriel Wlazłowski
  • Gabriela Urbancová
  • Garvin Yim
  • Gaurava Kumar Jaisawal
  • George Kampylis
  • George Melikidze
  • Giovanni Camelio
  • Guilherme Grams
  • Guillermo Rodriguez
  • Helena Pais
  • Hevidar Shaban
  • Hristu Culetu
  • Ian Jones
  • Inés Pastor Marazuela
  • Ioannis Contopoulos
  • Isaac Vidana
  • Jacopo Soldateschi
  • Jaikhomba Singha
  • James Stringer
  • Jan-Erik Christian
  • Jaroslaw Dyks
  • Jaroslaw Kijak
  • Jay Vijay Kalinani
  • Jens Mahlmann
  • Jerome Guilet
  • Jinbiao Wei
  • Jonas Pereira
  • Juergen Schaffner-Bielich
  • Jérôme Chenevez
  • Jérôme Petri
  • Kirill Kraav
  • Konstantinos Gourgouliatos
  • Lars Nieder
  • Laura Tolos
  • Lina Levin Preston
  • Lorcy PUPA LEZI
  • Lorenzo Gavassino
  • Loïc Perot
  • Luciano Rezzolla
  • Lucy Oswald
  • Manisha Caleb
  • Manoneeta Chakraborty
  • Manuel Linares
  • Marcelo Rubio
  • Marco Antonelli
  • Marcus Lower
  • Margherita Fasano
  • Maria Zioga
  • Martin Urbanec
  • Mateusz Malenta
  • Matteo Bugli
  • Mechiel Bezuidenhout
  • Michela Rigoselli
  • Michele Ronchi
  • Miguel Ángel Aloy Torás
  • Mikhail Beznogov
  • Mikhail Gusakov
  • Mohammadtaher Safarzadeh
  • Mohsen Bigdeli
  • Morgane Fortin
  • Márcio Ferreira
  • Nabil Brice
  • Nanda Rea
  • Nathalie Degenaar
  • Nectaria Gizani
  • Niccolo' Bucciantini
  • Nicolas Chamel
  • Nicolas Moraga
  • Nidhi Saini
  • Niko Jokela
  • Nikolaos Stergioulas
  • Nikolay Shchechilin
  • Noshad Khosravi Largani
  • Oleksii Ivanytskyi
  • Onur Akbal
  • Ornella Juliana Piccinni
  • Pablo Cerdá Durán
  • Panagiotis Stavros
  • Pantelis Pnigouras
  • Patrick Weltevrede
  • Pavankumar Kadaladi
  • Peter Gonthier
  • Petr Shternin
  • Petros Stefanou
  • Prasanta Bera
  • Prasanta Char
  • Rahul Basu
  • Raphaël Raynaud
  • Renan Pereira
  • Romain Gervalle
  • Rui Torres
  • Samuel Lander
  • Shirin Shaterzadeh Yazdi
  • Silvia Traversi
  • silvia zane
  • Simon Johnston
  • Sinem Şaşmaz
  • Sk Minhajur Rahaman
  • Solen Balman
  • Soytcho Yazadjiev
  • Stamatis Vretinaris
  • Stefano Carignano
  • Thomas Celora
  • Thomas Hutchins
  • Timothy Pennucci
  • Triantafyllos Kormpakis
  • tridib roy
  • Unal Ertan
  • Vadym Khomenko
  • Valery Suleimanov
  • Vanessa Graber
  • Vasileios Karageorgopoulos
  • Vasilii Beskin
  • Vasiliy Dommes
  • Vincent Morello
  • Violetta Sagun
  • Vivek Venkatraman Krishnan
  • Walid Majid
  • Wojciech Lewandowski
  • Xavier Viñas Gausí
  • Yago Herrera
  • Yashpal Bhulla
  • Yuliya Mutafchieva
  • Yuri Levin
  • Zahra Sharifi
  • Zhivko Stoyanov
  • Zorawar Wadiasingh