dCache upgrade discussion

Julia Andreeva (CERN)

Tigran confirmed that 5.2 released ~ a month ago is the version recommended for sites for 2 coming years and is good enough for TCP.

Tigran will send the link to documentation how to configure dCache for TCP.

No special participation from dCache team in the migration task force is required, the dcache support will be used in case any help for sites is required.

In general, migration should not be complicated , but depends on the sites. We might expect 1 day downtime though not necessary all 24 hours would be needed.

WLCG ops would communicate to the experiments computing management the need to encourage sites for migration and to thank those which migrate promptly, slight decrease of availability should not eb an issue.

SRR generation is most probably performed by the external script (to be confirmed with Paul) and is not so much related to the dCache release. Julia will contact Paul who is currently in vacations and will discuss with him whether we can in the same task force also following up enabling of SRR.


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