ICDD#11: This Charming Quark: Unifying non-Standard Interactions in 3+1 Social Networks for Science Communication

CERN IdeaSquare (3179-R-D05)

CERN IdeaSquare (3179-R-D05)


Idea Circle Dinner Discussion #11:

This Charming Quark: Unifying non-Standard Interactions in 3+1 Social Networks for Science Communication



While science communication in a post-fact world is already a challenge, sharing your love for science on social media can be a struggle at a whole nother level. In a world filled with cat videos, superhero movies, and conspiracy theories, science communicators online are often faced with apathy, skepticism, or even downright criticism. In such an atmosphere, usage of technology may be the key to counter some of the negative online trends and navigate the complex social media landscape. In this talk Marco Alan Valdivia Garcia shares his experience with This Charming Quark, a project that unifies communication through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp and Youtube.

This Charming Quark is a communication project which pursues to increase scientific culture in Latin America. To achieve this, a multiplatform has been created where content is produced mainly in audiovisual format. This multiplatform has the potential to overcome the limitations of non-automatic person-to-person communication in a unified environment through an augmented intelligence system.



About the speaker:

Marco Alan Valdivia Garcia:
Marco Alan Valdivia Garcia is a Mexican Accelerator Physicist at CERN and Science Communicator at This Charming Quark. You can find out more about him on his website: http://www.valdivia.org.mx



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