ISOLDE Seminar

Beam characterization and machine development at REX/HIE-ISOLDE

by Niels Killian Noal Bidault (CERN, INFN & Sapienza University of Rome)

The recent completion of HIE-ISOLDE superconducting linac came along with experimental studies in order to apprehend more qualitatively the performance of the post-accelerator. During the Physics campaign runs, the relatively low intensity of the isotope beams reveals to be challenging for the setting-up of accelerating structures or to perform any type of beam-based measurement. We proceed to a dichotomy between low-energy studies, mainly involving REX- Electron Beam Ion Source, and post-accelerated beam studies, focused on the Radio-Frequency Quadrupole and HIE-ISOLDE quarter-wave resonators, to present a battery of techniques adapted to sub-femto Ampere ion beams for the elucidation of the beam properties of interest (intensity, purity, transverse and longitudinal beam parameters).