CMS Virtual Visit from Pakistan

3562 R-020 (CERN)

3562 R-020



Lahore Science Mela Festival 2019 - Khwarizmi Science Society

The CMS Virtual Visit will be a major part of the Lahore Science Mela (Festival) 2019, hosted by the Khwarizmi Science Society. The CMS visit will be open to all visitors of the science festival. Lahore Science Mela is a grand science fest organized to engage citizens, of all ages and backgrounds, through exhibitions and practical experiments that celebrate science, engineering, medicine, mathematics, technology, art, photography, creativity and innovation. The idea behind the festival is to impact the public's outlook towards science, celebrate the idea that science belongs to everyone, and inspire the next generation of scientists and technologists in Pakistan. The event will be open-to-all and the visitors will not be charged to be a part of the festival and the virtual visit. Every year, the Lahore Science Mela hosts a variety of visitors including school children, college and university students, parents and families, senior citizens, teachers of all subjects, aspiring scientists, journalists and emerging science communicators. 


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