September 27, 2021 to October 1, 2021
Indiana University
America/Indiana/Indianapolis timezone

Searches for Supersymmetry with the ATLAS detector

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Virtual (Indiana University)


Indiana University

Poster contribution Tau2021 Abstracts Poster session: Breakout room 5




Supersymmetry (SUSY) provides elegant solutions to several problems in the Standard Model, and searches for SUSY particles are an important component of the LHC physics program. This talk will present the latest results from searches conducted by the ATLAS experiment, covering both strong and electroweak SUSY particle production processes. The searches target multiple final states and different assumptions about the decay mode of the produced SUSY particles, including searches for both R-parity conserving models and R-parity violating models and their possible connections with the recent observation of the flavour and muon g-2 anomalies. The talk will also highlight the employment of novel analysis techniques, including advanced machine learning techniques and special object reconstruction, that are necessary for many of these analyses to extend the sensitivity reach to challenging regions of the phase space.

Primary authors

Sabine Wedam Lammers (Indiana University (US)) tbd

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