September 27, 2021 to October 1, 2021
Indiana University
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Impact of (axial)vector coefficients on $B\to K_1 \ell \ell$ decay modes

Oct 1, 2021, 10:50 AM
Virtual (Indiana University)


Indiana University

Poster contribution Tau2021 Abstracts Poster session: Breakout room 9


Suchismita Sahoo (Central University of Karnataka)


We analyse the rare semileptonic decays of $B$ meson to axial vector mesons $K_1(1270)$ and $K_1(1400)$ mediated by the flavor changing neutral current $b \to s ll$ quark level transition, in an effective field theory approach. We perform a global fit to all the relevant and up-to-date $b \to sl^+ l^-$ data for various sets of (axial)vector couplings. We then look over the implications of the allowed parameter space on the branching ratios and several phyical observables such as forward-backward asymmetry, lepton polarization asymmetry and lepton flavor universality violating parameters of $B \to K_1 l^+ l^-$ processes.

What is your topic? Rare decays

Primary authors

Manas Mohapatra (IIT HYDERABAD) Suchismita Sahoo (Central University of Karnataka)

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