5-10 July 2021
Jeju Booyoung Hotel & Resort
Asia/Seoul timezone



Opened 7 Jan 2020
Closed 27 Feb 2020

Early Registration Fee (Jan/01/2020 - April/30/2020)
- USD $400.00 or KRW ₩500,000 (standard fee) - USD $200.00 or KRW ₩250,000 (reduced fee for student only)

Regular Registration Fee (May/01/2020 - May/31/2020)
- USD $450.00 or KRW ₩550,000 (standard fee) - USD $280.00 or KRW ₩350,000 (reduced fee for student only)

Companion Registration Fee:
- USD $150.00 or KRW ₩180,000 per person * This fee can be collected on-site in cash only.

The registration fee includes lunches (Monday-Friday), welcome reception, banquet, excursion (yacht tour), and all refreshments. These are also offered to all paid companions.

If you want to have exemption of the registration fee, please apply for "APCTP award" following instructions given in the webpage.

There are two payment options.
- Paypal (credit card)
- Bank wire transfer
You can pay by credit card through PayPal. If your institution requires bank transfer, please contact the LOC to get the information for wire transfer.

For the participants inside Korea:
(한국에서 발행된 신용카드는 paypal 사용이 불가하니, 반드시 은행 입금을 이용해 주시기 바랍니다. 입금하신 후에 반드시 조직위로 연락하시기 바랍니다. The credit cards issued in Korea cannot be used in the Paypal system. Please use bank transfer in this case.)

예금주: 고에너지물리연구학회
통장번호: 신한은행 110-034-096712

Jeju island is a visa-free area. However, if you transit at Seoul/Incheon or Busan/Gimhae airport, you may need a visa. For details, please check "Visa" in the left menu. Should you apply for a visa, please contact the LOC as early as possible.

Registration is closed
The registration period has passed.