Linux Team Meeting on Operational matters

Linux Team meeting

31/S-027 (CERN)



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Meeting minutes

  • From PoW - "Evaluate the creation of an application portal for Linux Service" can probably be removed. A meeting was held with Sebastien Dellabellater (CDA), discussing the future 'cern app store' service. It was decided that CDA will host any linux packages that are desktop specific (likely via Nexus).
  • lxsoft performance issues ongoing
    • worst vm affected is lxsoft104, to be removed from linuxsoft alias and debugging to continue
  • Future ITUM29 to be used to make linux discourse community forum announcement
  • Julien had a discussion with CDA, and they now agree that moving AD to a separate domain is the preferred option

Action items

  • Ben to check early bird registration closing date for RedHat summit 2020
  • Manuel to ask if RedHat will be notified regarding the TAM contract prior to the onsite visit


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