Artful Physics Science Teacher Workshop

CPB303 (UTA-Chemistry and Physics Building)


UTA-Chemistry and Physics Building

Chemistry Physics Building University of Texas 700 Planetarium Pl Arlington, TX 76019
Eunjin Bahng (Iowa State University), Gloria Kim (University of Florida), Hyechin Ko (The University of Texas at Arlington), Jae Yu (University of Texas at Arlington (US)), Jiyoon Yoon (The University of Texas at Arlington)

Artful Physics: Professional Development for Elementary Science Teachers to Learn How to Integrate Art in Teaching Physical Science

Goals of the ProjectTo help enhance student performance in physical sciences based on a newly developed innovative method of teaching via aesthetic experience

In order to test the feasibility and the effectiveness of this innovative method, Artful Physics is developed, based on Lincoln Center Education (LCE), Interdisciplinary Curriculum Model (ICM), STEAM curriculum, and 5 E Learning cycle to enable data collection for further design and development of an innovative method for teaching difficult physical science concepts. Artful Physics will host 15 science teachers from Fort-Worth ISD to extend the scope of physics concepts and interpretation of physics by exploring various contextual information and experience through contemporary artworks. The participants’ pre- and post-self-efficacy, their knowledge in physical science, journal books, conversations with peers, and final artworks will be used to quantitatively measure the effectiveness of the method via aesthetic experience.

Expected Outcomes

The participating teachers, by the end of the project, will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate the implementation of different instructional strategies and teaching materials of integrating physics with arts, consistent with the TEKS and NGSS. 
  2. Identify and explain a well-thought-out research-based, philosophy of teaching physics with arts. 
  3. Analyze major issues in the current physical science education within our society.

Dates of the Workshop

  • Saturday, Oct. 19
  • Saturday, Oct. 26
  • Saturday, Nov. 2
  • Saturday, Nov. 9
  • Saturday, Nov. 14
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  • Gloria Kim
  • Jae Yu
  • Jiyoon Yoon