27-29 January 2020
Europe/Zurich timezone

UNCloud, a cloud storage and collaborative work platform in a french university.

27 Jan 2020, 16:09
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Mr Matthieu Le CorreMr Arnaud Abélard


In 2017, The University of Nantes, France, launched UNCloud, a web service project aiming to facilitate interaction and collaboration between the faculty, staff and students as well as external collaborators. Both a storage service and a collaboration platform, offering 100 GB to their 70,000 faculty and staff members and students, UNCloud has become, with its 10,000 users in only a  few months, a cornerstone of the establishment.

To begin, we’ll discuss the politics that led to the birth of the project in a context of mistrust towards free consumers services in an unclear legal landscape. After studying several alternatives, the opensource solution Nextcloud was selected.

We will consider its implementation, both technically and organizationally. Special attention will be given to the test phase and its management. We will explore the technical challenges that led us to building a fully redundant infrastructure and we’ll explain its deployment in detail.

Finally, we’ll  draw on our experience and the lessons we have learned. Especially in user support and technical optimization..

Now in production for almost two years, a new era starts : transforming a sharing platform into a whole digital collaboration environment by integrating the existing collaboration services in use at the university : email, calendar, learning management systems, etc.

Primary authors

Mr Matthieu Le Corre Mr Arnaud Abélard

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