Sydney meeting February 2020

256 (Webster Building)


Webster Building

UNSW Sydney
Michael Schmidt (UNSW Sydney)

The Sydney particle physics and cosmology meeting will take place in room 256 in the Webster building (UNSW Kensington campus) on Friday 21 February 2020. It is organised by the particle physics group at the University of Sydney and the particle physics and cosmology group at UNSW Sydney.

The Webster building is number G14 on the Kensington campus. You have to enter via the entrance from the university mall. There are some chairs and tables directly in front of the entrance. 

The first meeting took place on 3 May 2019 at the University of Sydney. Details can be found on .

  • Adam Lackner
  • Amol Upadhye
  • Anna Liang
  • Archil Kobakhidze
  • Chia-Ling Hsu
  • Ciaran OHare
  • Giovanni Pierobon
  • Greta Paget
  • Jan Hamann
  • Joseph Allingham
  • Julius Wons
  • Kevin Varvell
  • Markus Mosbech
  • Martine Arlette Gisele Illing-kelly
  • Michael Schmidt
  • Nadia Toutounji
  • Shyam Balaji
  • Suntharan Arunasalam
  • Tobias Felkl
  • Tomer Libman
  • Yiwen Yang
  • Yunho Kim
  • Yunho Kim
  • Yvonne Wong
  • Zachary Picker