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1)because we have only a 5 day meeting having pedagogical lectures every day gives us 2 and half  day  (or if one day of completely conference then 2 days). So in terms of number of lectures spent on pedagogy first two days pedagogical lectures and 3 days conf.  or having the pedagogical lectures spread over seems to be not very different.


2)Given the fact that you people at the exptal level would want to discuss aspects that are in general relevant for HL/LHC and not just for SUSY at HL/LHC. This might affect some choice of lectures.


3)Similarly, given the fact that we dont have SUSY signals so far we have to depart a little bit from the historical choices of session in a SUSY meeting and give more time to perhaps somewhat difft. things.


4)When we talk of lectures for students and post doctoral fellows are we aiming either on the exptal crowd or pheno crowd or both equally?


5)How many students are working in SUSY on the exptal side?


6)Even though the workshop will be on SUSY wont it be good to focus on aspects such as LLP searches, (something slightly beyond LLP in SUSY, though keeping emphasis on LLP in SUSY) which are going to  be very important searches, both for theory and expts.


7) Same for DM: look for lectures/lecturers who will talk about DM in the context of SUSY but a bit going beyond.


8)For tools what do we aim for? Is it our aim to have tuorials on tools? I think not..but will be good to have . opinions


9)In terms of conference talks: I can think of  Carlos Wagner who can talk of exciting SUSY pheno even in the absence of the signals so far


10)For NMSSM Higgs sector we can think of somebody like Margarete Muhelleitner


11)We can also think of Suchita Kulkarni in general for heavy Higgses in SUSY, electroweak SUSY particles


12)Use of tau and top polarisation will be one interesting topic for conference talks


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