EM-U #93: Fireside chat with Jose Iglesias (Techstars) and Mait Müntel (Start-up founder and CERN alumnus)

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Before he left CERN, alumnus Mait Müntel started looking into how he might be able to teach himself french more efficiently. With time, this lead to him found Lingvist, a start-up using machine learning to help people learn languages quicker. The company has now gathered over 10m EUR in funding and is growing rapidly. 

Through one of Techstars three-month-long accelerators, Lingvist grew its network of contributors, partners and investors. This Thursday, Mait and Jose Iglesias, Director at Techstars for Europe, Middle East & Africa, sit down and talk about what Techstars is, how CERN Alumni Mait benefited from it, and when and how you should apply to a tech-stars accelerator program. 

The event is open for CERNies and CERN alumni. 

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