3-6 March 2020
Faculty of Science, University of Toyama
Asia/Tokyo timezone

Testing Gauge-Higgs Unification Models by Measuring the Triple Higgs Boson Coupling at Future Collider Experiments

5 Mar 2020, 14:40
A238 (Faculty of Science, University of Toyama)


Faculty of Science, University of Toyama

3190 Gofuku, Toyama 930-8555, Japan


Shin Suzuki (University of Toyama)


Gauge-Higgs Unification is a TeV-scale paradigm solving the hierarchy problem. It has a characteristic Higgs potential induced by quantum corrections.
In this work, as a realistic gauge-Higgs unification model we consider a SU(3) model with 5-dimensional Lorentz symmetry relaxed. And we consider the testability of this model by measuring the triple Higgs boson coupling at future collider experiments, such as the HL-LHC and ILC.

Primary author

Shin Suzuki (University of Toyama)

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