November 15, 2019
Europe/Zurich timezone

Speakers: Grzegorz Daniluk, Maciej Lipinski (BE-CO-HT)

Introduction to White Rabbit Technologies 

White Rabbit (WR) is an innovative technology that provides sub-nanosecond accuracy and tens-of-picoseconds precision of synchronisation as well as deterministic and reliable data delivery for large distributed systems. White Rabbit is based on well-established networking standards, extending them when needed. A WR network is a Local Area Network that uses Ethernet (IEEE 802.3) over fibre to interconnect devices. The highly accurate synchronisation is achieved by using a combination of Precision Time Protocol (PTP, IEEE 1588) with Layer-1 syntonization and precise phase measurements. WR started as an initiative to develop a new generation control and timing system for accelerators at CERN and GSI. With time, it evolved into a versatile solution used beyond physics laboratories for systems requiring high-accuracy Ethernet-based synchronisation. Now, it is included into the upcoming revision of the IEEE 1588 standard.

White Rabbit is a fully Open Source and Open Hardware project with commercial support. The Open Hardware WR devices, switches and nodes, are off-the-shelf products from several vendors worldwide. This presentation will provide an introduction to White Rabbit describing basic concepts and technologies, an overview of the main components of every WR network (WR Switch, WR PTP Core), examples of various WR applications around the world and an overview of how WR has been integrated into the new revision of the IEEE 1588 standard.

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