Ceph/CVMFS/Filer Service Meeting

600/R-001 (CERN)



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    • 2:00 PM 2:05 PM
      CVMFS 5m
      Speaker: Enrico Bocchi (CERN)


      • cms.cern.ch successfully migrated to CC7
      • Stratum0 unreachable due to OTG0053658 for ~20 minutes last Monday
      • cvmrepo down last Tuesday due to overload on webservices
    • 2:05 PM 2:10 PM
      Ceph Upstream News 5m

      Releases, Tickets, Testing, Board, ...

      Speaker: Dan van der Ster (CERN)

      New releases:

      • v14.2.5 nautilus -- this should get our serious review for upgrading all clusters.
      • v13.2.8 mimic -- quick release with incremental map crash fix. (Equivalent to our 13.2.7-0.1).
    • 2:10 PM 2:15 PM
      Ceph Backends & Block Storage 5m

      Cluster upgrades, capacity changes, rebalancing, ...
      News from OpenStack block storage.

      Speaker: Theofilos Mouratidis (National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (GR))
    • 2:15 PM 2:20 PM
      Ceph Disk Management 5m

      OSD Replacements, Liaison with CF, Failure Predictions

      Speaker: Julien Collet (CERN)


      • No-osd-left-behind:
        • Run `ceph-volume inventory --format json` and look for available drives in the cluster (+ down osds)
        • Adds the hostname (PR?)
        • Sends everything in a file
        • Send a weekly report when..... when?
    • 2:20 PM 2:25 PM
      S3 5m

      Ops, Use-cases (backup, DB), ...

      Speakers: Julien Collet (CERN) , Roberto Valverde Cameselle (Universidad de Oviedo (ES))


      • Updated documentation regarding personal S3 spaces
      • Setting up traefik on a S3 test cluster in order to test the upgrade
    • 2:25 PM 2:30 PM
      CephFS/HPC/FILER/Manila 5m

      Filer Migration, CephFS/Manila, HPC status and plans.

      Speakers: Dan van der Ster (CERN) , Pablo Llopis Sanmillan (CERN)
    • 2:30 PM 2:35 PM
      HyperConverged 5m
      Speakers: Jose Castro Leon (CERN) , Julien Collet (CERN) , Roberto Valverde Cameselle (Universidad de Oviedo (ES))

      New cluster "ceph/kopano" created. It will be CephFS-only (no rbd pools). Currently testing different configurations for the cephfs_data: https://codimd.web.cern.ch/s/S1O0hWbRH

    • 2:35 PM 2:40 PM
      Monitoring 5m
    • 2:40 PM 2:45 PM
      AOB 5m