November 22, 2019
Europe/Zurich timezone

Speakers: John Gill, Dimitris Lampridis, Maciej Lipinski (BE-CO-HT)

Applications of White Rabbit Technologies 

White Rabbit (WR) is an innovative technology that provides sub-nanosecond accuracy and tens-of-picoseconds precision of synchronisation as well as deterministic and reliable data delivery for large distributed systems. This presentation will illustrate the key features of WR by describing three such systems: BTrain over WR, WR trigger Distribution and Radio Frequency Signal Distribution over White Rabbit (RFoWR).

The BTrain system ensures synchronism between the ramping up of the bending magnetic field in the accelerators and the gain in momentum of the accelerated particles. It broadcasts the measured value of magnetic field in real-time to the RF accelerating cavities, instrumentation and power converters. This system has been upgraded to use WR, and constitutes an example of deterministic data transfer inside a real-time feedback system. The presentation will explain the architecture and basics of operation of the upgraded BTrain over WR. 

The White Rabbit Trigger distribution (WRTD) project leverages WR and augments it with complex trigger event scheduling, in order to virtually negate the distances between event sources and receivers. This presentation will introduce the audience to WRTD and provide hands-on examples of using the provided API to configure and distribute events over WR. 

The RFoWR system combines WR with Direct Digital Synthesis technology to distribute RF signals. A number of RFoWR systems have been and are being developed at CERN. We look at their performance and features. In particular, a new WR2RF card that will be a key component of the new SPS RF system to drive Bunch and Turn clocks for the TTC network on which the Beam-Synchronous Timing (BST) system is based. 

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