28 July 2020 to 6 August 2020
virtual conference
Europe/Prague timezone

Reactor neutrino anomalies and possible solutions

30 Jul 2020, 09:15
virtual conference

virtual conference

Talk 02. Neutrino Physics Neutrino Physics


Yufeng Li (Institute of High Energy Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences)


Recent reactor neutrino experiments have shown anomalous results in both the reactor flux and spectrum measurements. Compared the measurements, Reactor neutrino flux shows a 6% deficit while reactor netrino spectrum illustrates a bump-like structure at around 5 MeV region. In this talk we will employ the methods of both theoretical model prediction and global neutrino data analysis to expore all the possible solutions to these reactor anomalies. We will discuss drawbacks of the model predictions within the standard model, and the possible new physics solution beyond the standard model.

[1] Ab initio calculations of reactor antineutrino fluxes with exact lepton wave functions, Dong-Liang Fang, Yu-Feng Li, Di Zhang,arXiv:2001.01689.
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Yu-Feng Li, Di Zhang, arXiv:1904.07791.
[3] KATRIN bound on 3+1 active-sterile neutrino mixing and the reactor antineutrino anomaly, C. Giunti, Y.F. Li, Y.Y. Zhang, arXiv:1912.12956.
[4] Diagnosing the Reactor Antineutrino Anomaly with Global Antineutrino Flux Data, C. Giunti, Y. F. Li, B. R. Littlejohn, P. T. Surukuchi, arXiv:1901.01807.

Primary author

Yufeng Li (Institute of High Energy Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences)

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