Scientific Programme

The program of the conference will contain 4 plenary morning sessions (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday) and 3 afternoon parallel sessions (Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday).

On Thursday morning a special "Doctoral Students Parallel Workshop" will be held.

The last day of the conference will contain an afternoon plenary session which will be devoted to philosophical aspects of fundamental cosmology.

The excursion is planned for Wednesday afternoon.

It is planned:

  • 15 plenary talks of 60 mins (including questions)
  • 4 plenary philosophy talks of 45 mins
  • 72 parallel sessions talks of 20 mins (3 parallel sessions each day)
  • 36 doctoral talks of 20 mins (up to 3 parallel sessions)

The main "group topics" will be:

  • ALT-DE: Alternative gravities and dark energy
  • ALT-DM: Alternative gravities and dark matter
  • ALT-GW/BH: Alternative gravities for gravitational waves/black holes
  • ALT-QG: Quantum gravity as alternative gravity
  • ALT-PHE: Alternative gravity phenomenology (GUP, Lorentz Violation, Varying Constants)
  • ALT-FUN: Alternative gravity and fundamental theories (strings, branes)

There will also be a poster session if the number of abstracts will be above the talk time capabilities. The oral presentations will be selected by the sessions conveners in collaboration with the Scientific Committee.

The public talk is planned for Tuesday evening.

Welcome reception is planned for Monday evening and the conference dinner is planned for Thursday evening.