Alternative Gravities and Fundamental Cosmology - ALTECOSMOFUN'21 [VIRTUAL]

Institute of Physics @ University of Szczecin, ul. Wielkopolska 15, 70-451 Szczecin (Poland)

General Information

In view of the very uncertain situation related to the pandemic of Covid-19, we have decided to hold our conference entirely online on 6th-10th of September of 2021.

More technical details will be provided in due time.

If you have any questions please send us an email to:

Yours faithfully,

Mariusz P. Dąbrowski (Organizing Committee chair)
Vincenzo Salzano (Scientific Committee chair)

The virtual conference “Alternative Gravities and Fundamental Cosmology” will take place in Szczecin, Poland from 14th to 18th of September 2020 from 6th to 10th of September 2021. This is the fifth event in the series of fundamental cosmology conferences organized by the University of Szczecin (previous were Cosmofun'2005, Grasscosmofun'09, Multicosmofun'12, Varcosmofun'16).

This time the task of the conference is to bring together specialists dealing with the problems of alternative gravities who want to exchange the current ideas in this topic. Among the problems being studied will be:

  • Alternative gravities and dark energy
  • Alternative gravities and dark matter
  • Alternative gravities for gravitational waves/black holes
  • Quantum gravity as alternative gravity
  • Alternative gravity phenomenology (GUP, Lorentz Violation, Varying Constants)
  • Alternative gravity and fundamental theories (strings, branes)

On Thursday 09.09 we will have a special day with a "Doctoral Students Parallel Workshop", where selected talks from Ph.D. Students will be allocated special extra time to present their research and discuss actively about it with other participants. 

The last day of the conference will contain an afternoon plenary session which will be devoted to philosophical aspects of fundamental cosmology.

There will be a joint Special Issue published in the MDPI journal ''Universe''.


Szczecin Cosmology Group, Institute of Physics @ University of Szczecinin collaboration with the Polish Physical Society, the Copernicus Center for Interdisciplinary Studies (Kraków), the National Centre for Nuclear Research (Świerk), and the Maritime University of Szczecin.

Alternative Gravities and Fundamental Cosmology (ALTECOSMOFUN'20)
  • ajay sharma
  • Amare Abebe
  • Andrea Giusti
  • Anish Agashe
  • Anna Pollmann
  • Artur Miroszewski
  • Bertha Cuadros-Melgar
  • Bivudutta Mishra
  • Che-Yu Chen
  • Devansh Shukla
  • Dhruba Jyoti Gogoi
  • Elham Nazari
  • Emmanuel Saridakis
  • Enrico Laudato
  • Fabian Wagner
  • Gauranga Charan Samanta
  • Jackson Levi Said
  • Jan Kwapisz
  • Krzysztof Bolejko
  • Marek Rogatko
  • Mayukh Gangopadhyay
  • Michal Artymowski
  • Mohamed Belhassen
  • Morteza Khamedi
  • Mrunali Gaijan
  • Nicoleta Voicu
  • Nils A. Nilsson
  • Nima Khosravi
  • Noemi Frusciante
  • Nurgissa Myrzakulov
  • Paolo Cremonese
  • Paulo Moniz
  • Pradyumn Sahoo
  • Roberto Caroli
  • Roberto Casadio
  • Ronaldo Lobato
  • Saboura sadat Zamani
  • Samuel Barroso Bellido
  • Sandipan Bhattacherjee
  • Seyed Meraj Rasouli
  • Sujoy Modak
  • Syed Umair Naqvi
  • Utku Can Bulut
  • Vesselin Gueorguiev
  • Vincenzo Salzano
  • Vishnu Rajagopal
  • Włodzimierz Piechocki
  • Xavier Calmet
  • Yu-Hsien Kung
  • Yunho Kim