Postponement due to COVI-19 outbreak

In light of the current outbreak of COVID-19 and the associated restrictions on travel, the organizing committee has taken the decision to postpone the workshop to a later date. We were very excited about having this workshop at this time, but the situation is currently too uncertain to ensure a safe and vibrant workshop. We have closed registration for the workshop. We ask that you please cancel any travel bookings that you have made for this workshop at this time. If we booked a hotel on your behalf, your booking will be canceled and refunded automatically, so there is no need for action on your part. As the situation with regards to COVID-19 develops, we will determine a new plan for this workshop. We hope to have your participation at a later date!

Workshop Overview

This workshop is to explore new opportunities for Beyond the Standard Model searches at future neutrino experiments: in long and short baseline oscillations, coherent elastic neutrino-nucleus scattering, neutrino mass measurements, neutrinoless double beta decay searches or with astrophysical neutrinos.

A well-balanced mix of theorists and experimentalists will work together to exchange ideas for various BSM physics opportunities and to discuss tasks necessary to support the timely exploitation of these opportunities.

Expected physics topics of the workshop:

The workshop will explore the sensitivity of current and planned neutrino physics experiments to new physics. It will cover experimental and theoretical subjects related to these as well as the issues that need to be addressed to probe new physics at next generation neutrino experiments, such as the ones listed above. Example physics topics include non-standard interactions, light sterile neutrinos and heavy neutral leptons, neutrinoless double beta decay and nuclear matrix elements, new technologies for neutrino detectors, neutrino-dark matter interactions, light particle searches in neutrino experiments, and neutrino cross-section measurements and modelling.

Expected outcome of the workshop:

  • Identify desired components in simulation and data analysis tools
  • Prepare for a list of signal channels together with relevant trigger schemes
  • Design preliminary studies at ongoing experiments
  • Form a working group consisting of theorists and experimentalists to continue cooperative efforts in the field

One of the strategic goals would be to prepare for contribution to the upcoming Snowmass on these new opportunities.