ICDD#15: Science Communication Hackathon: developing technologies to streamline STEM education, communication and outreach

CERN IdeaSquare (3179-R-D05)

CERN IdeaSquare (3179-R-D05)



Science Communication Hackathon: developing technologies to streamline STEM education, communication and outreach



Science communication today, as it is at CERN, takes many forms. From art expressions to exhibitions to social media engagement, its increasing complexity comes with a myriad of challenges. With this in mind, we would like to hold a hackathon to break down these challenges and solve them by imagining possible new tools.

In the inaugural ICDD of 2020, we will brainstorm the overall structure of the hackathon. We invite the ICDD community to share lessons learned from your own experiences and come up with a community-driven “hackathon” framework which is professionally relevant and personally meaningful to you. Please join the conversation with your enthusiasm and suggestions. We are eager to hear from you.

Please note that Vidyo will be available for this moderated discussion.


About the moderators:

Sameed Muhammed
Sameed is a physicist and science communicator from the University of Manchester currently working with the ALPHA experiment at CERN. In addition to his regular job of conducting precision measurements with antimatter atoms, Sameed regularly contributes to science communication and outreach activities organized by CERN, IPPOG, The Royal Society, UKRI, Khwarizmi Science Society, Royal College of Art, and The Brilliant Club. With the help of local experts and sponsors, Sameed is currently developing new initiatives that are tailor-made to improve STEM education in South and Southeast Asia.

Liyana Yusof
Liyana is a communications consultant for different organizations in Switzerland like IdeaSquare (CERN), Malaysian Association of Geneva, Impact Hub Geneva and a mentor for the SDG Summer School by the University of Geneva. She also designs and runs communications courses for underserved communities, job-seekers, young francophone students and refugees looking to improve their English. Her passion lies in elevating small entrepreneurs through transnational innovative collaboration, demonstrated through her projects in science outreach, community building, and policy research involving Switzerland, Malaysia, and Pakistan.


Idea Circle Dinner Discussion Series:

If you are interested in learning more about education, communication and outreach activities at CERN, we have launched a series of talks specifically targeting CERN personnel looking to improve their communication skills, engage with the public, and network with experts in the field. The lecture and discussion series, named Idea Circle Dinner Discussions, is held at IdeaSquare. Spaces are limited, so please register to reserve your seat. (Light dinner and refreshments will be available for registered participants only).

The next set of ICDD events are scheduled at the following times:

  • ICDD#15: Thursday 13 Feb 6PM – 7:30PM
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  • ICDD#20: Thursday 10 Dec 6PM – 7:30PM

With LS2, this is the perfect time to expand your horizons beyond research and enhance your public engagement profile. We look forward to seeing you.

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