LHC detector simulations: status, needs and prospects

Alberto Ribon (CERN), Witold Pokorski (CERN)

This is the fourth Workshop on this topic, following the first one in October 2011 (agenda) the second in March 2014 (agenda) and the third in June 2017 (agenda). The goal is to update the assessment of the status of LHC detector simulations, including the validation against data, the definition of the future needs for analysis work and for upgrade R&D studies, and the progress in the development of the tools. The workshop will bring together the current experience of the users from the experiments' physics performance groups, and the developers of the major simulation codes.

More details on the proposed format and plan will be announced shortly.


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  • Alberto Ribon
  • Behzad Salmassian
  • Benjamin Morgan
  • Christopher Young
  • Evangelos Kourlitis
  • Gloria Corti
  • Gobinda Majumder
  • Maximilian J Swiatlowski
  • Nitika Sangwan
  • Tanush Bhatnagar
  • Tiansu Yu
  • Walter Hopkins
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